An unwelcome interruption to our babymoon - Aria MacDonald

An unwelcome interruption to our babymoon

Yes the MacDonalds are on their babymoon.  The time after a baby is born where you are enjoying the new life that has entered your world!  We didn’t get one with Aria so this one is extra special.

But our blissful existence was interupted yesterday when Aria ended up in Starship!  NO NO NO!!!  We took her to an emergency doctor because she got a bump on the head we wanted to be checked.    But the Doc commented on her cough and said she needed antibiotics.  Shock horror. Antibiotics for Aria can only be given by IV so it needs at least one night in hospital if not more.  We thought her cough was fine but didn’t want to mess with the doctors advice. 

So Hamish and Aria packed up and went in and we all felt rather glum.  But great news Aria was seen by our team and declared fit and free to go within a few hours.  We normally only take Aria to our GP who is fully aware of Aria’s condition since she was first  diagnosed and keeps up to date with the goings on in her life.  We think the Emergency Doc was playing it very safe as Aria is such a special and rare case.  Still it is a small world cause this Doc knew Dr E. 

So much for taking a break hey!  Never mind a great outcome none that less, rather this Tuesday than next!

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  1. Allan says:

    Hopefully the antibiotic boost will keep things shiny over Christmas then 🙂

  2. Dawn says:

    Hey Guys
    Well i’m glad she was given the All clear and you are all at home where you belong enjoying your Babymoon.
    And that’s excellent that it wasn’t a prolonged hospital stay.

    Here’s hoping and praying you all have a wonderful christmas, and New Year, and Enjoy the Miracle that is both of your two children. And it is a time of refreshing for you both, as you embark on 2008 which will no doubtdly be a busy and timly year for your little family

  3. Lisa says:

    Love that – Babymoon!! That is such a gorgeous way to describe it!!
    So glad in reading through your post to see that Aria wa declared fine and sent home, what a relief that must have been for you all!!
    It has been a privillage to be able to follow Arias progress over this last year through this site, through the ups and the downs, the first birthday and the new arrival!
    We wish your family a wonderful Christmas together, (at home and healthy!) and look forward to the adventures and hope that 2008 may hold for you. Keep on trucking MacDonald family, you will do amazing things! Merry Christmas!!
    From the Robertsons

  4. jen says:

    somehow i lost your blog addy but I thought of you last night
    CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all
    Hope its a good day for you all
    Praying for each one of you

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