Sad and stressful Sunday - Aria MacDonald

Sad and stressful Sunday

What a day

Hamish decided this morning that he needed to go home for a break.  And he did to, he is shattered and drained.  So I began my inner monologue of ‘Anita you CAN and WILL cope in hospital with the kids’

So I arrived in with a grand plan.  Get Aria her antibiotics and put her to bed for a nap.   We did the first antibiotic and DARN her luer tissued and she started yelling :(  HUGE bummer because it meant going back into the treatment room for more poking and pain.  As her central line has gone we rely on luer poked thru her skin into a surface vein- hard to put in little wriggling hand/feet.

Thankfully Alexandra (my sister) turned up soon (with coffee yipppeeeee).  She took Asher while I when into the treatment room while poor Aria got tortured and a new luer put in.  I was so happy Alexandra was there, there was no way I could take Asher into the room with me and Aria, no way even at 8 weeks old can I subject him to the sound of Aria screaming like that.  Unfortunately for her troubles Alex got pee’ed on by Mr.  Boys!

Sweet antibiotic 2 was started and the pump started beeping and Aria started yelling.  No Way!!  This one had tissued as well!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently there was only one Registar on for the entire hospital (madness) so we waited for him/her to turn up (4 hours later).  None of the house officers wanted to do it.  Meanwhile Hamish had turned up and I gave him the sorry story.

So we made it thru the day and I didn’t need to call Hamish back in, thanks to Alex and he got a rest at home, I resisted the urge to text him and tell him what was going on cause I knew he would want to come in. 

Anyway – tomorrows post should be called Central Line Monday- please let it be tomorrow Aria gets her line!!!!

5 Responses to “Sad and stressful Sunday”

  1. Nyle says:

    Got my fingers and toes crossed for you!!! Hope Monday brings better news and a better day.

  2. Rua, Lilys Nana says:

    This sounds all too familiar! I know how hard just even getting into that treatment room, with one little one, let alone have to cope with Asher as well.Keep your chin up and we are thinking of you all the time. Hopefully tomorrow the new line will go in and make a big difference.

  3. jen says:

    praying for you all

  4. Lisa says:

    Oh Sunday sounded like a tough day, great that your sister called in to help and Hamish had some rest though. I am anxiously looking forward to some good news that there is a new line in, and keep you all in my thoughts at this time.

  5. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Oh Anita,

    I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time. I’m going to be in at Auck hosp for the next two weeks on clinical, so if you see a crazy-looking student nurse come your way, don’t turn and run! Please let me know if I can do anything at all.


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