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No good news

It is Day 3 and Aria’s temp has not broken :(  Not good.  Normally it has broken after about 24 hours of ABX but nothing so far.

Also Hamish and her had a terrible night.  As mentioned in my previous post she was off TPN for 2 days and this has greatly effected her mood.  She spend some of the night screaming and yelling. 

As always trying to look on the positive side of life.  Aria finally learnt to sit up from lying last night.  Something she has struggled with for ages.  She was no determined not to go to sleep that she must of finally figured it out.

Hamish is back to work today and I am juggling a sick toddler and a new baby yikes.  Aria and Asher’s nana is giving me a hand thru some part of the day- thank goodness.

I wish I had good news, maybe tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Hamish couldn’t face work today.  Hugely tired from the awful night.  Thank goodness his work is so super supportive and they flexible.

We are home for a few hours so Aria can get a decent rest, but she is so over tired she is just yelling.  Hoping she caves soon.

They have finally IDed the bugs and changed the ABX, hopefully we should see an improvement very soon.

Well so the story goes……

The word is:  the rotavirus caused Aria’s gut to leak bugs and they have attached themselves to her line. 

So in some small way it is good because Hamish and I don’t feel the normal pang of guilt we do when it is a skin bug in her line.  Skin bugs mean it might of come from us not handling her line correctly and we always feel bad about it.

We are still waiting for the temp to break and go away.   And really wanting to get home. 

Aria is back in TPN tonight thank goodness, her not getting her ‘food’ makes a big difference to her personality, just like any of us.  I know I get cranky when I am hungry, same goes for her.

More to say but it is late and Asher and I have to get to bed. 

Strangely enough there is really no update since yesterday 🙁

Aria still has a temp, which is strange because it has normally broken by now.  There are also no answer as to what exactly the two bugs are that are bothering her.  One is a gut bug and one is a skin bug.  Those the broad catergories but they all have specific name eg gut bugs = ecoli or skin = staph something.

Poor Hamish is doing pretty much 100% of the hospital duty.  I go home with Asher each night.  Previously I used to stay.  He hasn’t had much sleep in the past two nights and I feel guilty cause I am eating and sleeping ok.  Asher is going 6 hours at night and Hamish would be lucky to sleep longer than 3 at a time.  Still Aria’s nana is relieving Hamish today so he can get a decent nap at home in peace and quiet.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Aria is in hospital

I knew things weren’t right with her.  In fact they haven’t been right for awhile.  She hasn’t been herself much lately and we were all putting it down to the heat and difficulty sleeping.

 Hamish took her in to ED last night with a temp,  not sure what is wrong.  HOPING and PRAYING it isn’t a line infection.  They found rotovirus in her tummy outputs which makes me nervous.

 Please pray for Aria that she gets better and feel 100% really soon.  Please pray for us.  Tomorrow I will be juggling two children in hospital and I am pretty nervous, it is going to be a tough day.

 UPDATE:  Confirmed Rotovirus in her gut and TWO bugs in her central line.   Mmmmm could it get worse?  I don’t dare think about it. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11