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A great time and a great idea!

Our presentation and Hamish’s sermon went really well on Sunday.  I didn’t get to hear Hamish’s sermon cause I was in the creche with Aria which was a bit of a bummer but everyone told him they where so encouraged.  It meant a lot to us to be able to share our blessings and trials with the church so hopefully they will be encouraged and our journey has some positive benefit to others.

Yesterday I got an email from a friend of mine, Shannon who is responsible for those awesome ads you see in the Property Press.  These ads have been such a huge part of our fundraising success.  Shannon and her husband to be Simon are getting married in about three months.  They decided that instead of a little chocolate/lolly etc (which disappears in 10 secs) as a wedding favour they had a much more meaningful idea!  They are planning to put a little place card with Aria’s picture, story and website and that $3 has been donated on behalf of each guest!  The card looks beautiful with each guests name personalised on it.  Hamish and I were so touched and thought it was a great idea.

We are so blessed to have such awesome people supporting us, thinking outside the square to help Aria.

4 Responses to “A great time and a great idea!”

  1. jen says:

    pleased the presentation and Hamish’s sermon went well.

  2. Jodee & Matisse says:

    Really happy the presentation and sermon went well. What a fantastic idea for the wedding favour.
    Hugs to you all.

  3. Steph says:

    Great to hear Hamish’s sermon went really well.
    What awesome and innovative friends you have! That is very encouraging.

  4. Priscilla says:

    Was so good seeing you guys at church on Sunday and listening to your presentation and Hamish’s sermon – very encouraging! 🙂

    and how cool of your friends to do that for their wedding favour! 🙂

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