Aria and the US Elections - Aria MacDonald

Aria and the US Elections

I was changing Aria’s Wiggle dressing today.  It isn’t a fun job but we promised her she could water the plants with Aunty just as soon as it was done.  So she sat on the bed clutching her watering can and patiently waited for me to set things up.  In the mean time she decided to put a saline vile in the watering can and shake it to make a noise

Daddy: Aria- what’s in your watering can?  Is it a saline?

Aria: No

Mummy: Aria- is Ashie is your watering can?

Aria: NO (laughing)

Daddy: Aria- is there an elephant in your watering can?

Aria: Nup

Aunty: Aria – is John McCain in your watering can?

Aria: Yeah!

Too funny Aria! 😀

3 Responses to “Aria and the US Elections”

  1. Dawn says:

    Ahhhhhhh that is way too cute!!
    priceless i must say,

    I guess Aria has just informed the world of her political views

  2. Sam Seccombe says:

    The video was very sweet and so lovely to see Aria and Asher enjoying each others company.
    We continue to pray for you every night, especially that the Lord would give you strength for each day and it’s challenges and that your hearts would remain steadfast in your trust in Him.
    I’d love to make you a dinner too, how about sushi or octopus??? It’s amazing what you can get used to eating!

    With our love and prayers

    The Seccombes ( in Japan)

  3. jen says:

    LOL bless her shes a sweetie

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