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A Chicken Pox Party

I honestly can’t believe I am typing this!!  We are trying to get Aria sick!!  I know, madness!!!   Aria’s cousin Venesio has a nasty case of chicken pox, poor little guy, so he came over to spread some cheer and germs.

So we are hoping in 10 days time Aria is nice and spotty.  We are needing to get her exposed before transplant.  Because, post transplant Aria will have a supressed immune system and the disease could be be trouble for her if she doesn’t have her own immunity to it.

It is going to be a rough ride cause I assume Asher will get it too.  And it might end up with a hospital admission……mmmmmm lets hope it is sorted by Christmas.

Also today we got to meet the NZ organiser of the amazing organisation that raised $28,000 for Aria.  Unfortunately Aria behaved rather like a typical two year old which was embarassing and wouldn’t pose for a photo.  But still I hope we communicated how much we truly appreciated their hard work.

5 Responses to “A Chicken Pox Party”

  1. jen says:

    hope it works out as you want

    bless Australian drilling


  2. Lisa Robertson says:

    unfortunately all 4 of mine have had chickenpox so we cant share this one with you!! It is a good thing to get over and done with when young, Asher will likely manage it fine and be young enough to not pay too much attention to the spots!! Sounds like it would be good for Aria to get this one over and done with as well, with lots of extra care and attention! Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the warm up in the weather!!! x

  3. Nola says:

    I still remember when my brother and I got chicken pox together. Mum put us in the double bed so we could entertain each othe!! Here’s hoping it works but in a mild form – just enough to give the immunity needed but not too much!! Aren’t we picky!!

    Much prayer for you all

    Love Nola

  4. Samantha Thomas says:

    Chicken Pox can cause massive scarring of the skin that may not clear, that’s bad.;:

  5. Aimee Chapman says:

    i really hate chicken pox coz it can mess your skin~.*

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