At least we were home for Christmas - Aria MacDonald

At least we were home for Christmas

Aria is back in hospital 🙁

Yesterday we had a good day.  We even rang into a long time and faithful supporter of Aria’s, Lisa Robertson, at Farmers in Manukau.  She had never met Aria so it was nice that she good to eyeball this little girl she reads so much about.  Anyway just after we said goodbye to Lisa Aria had a big puke in the middle of Farmers, thankfully over herself and poor Daddy, not on the floor or anything.  Not a good sign and by 4.30pm she had a temp of 38.4

Aria was so excited to go back to hospital.  She kept yelling Star! Go! Car! So we packed the bags and went it for the evening.  Thankfully we got a bed by 8.45 after only waiting a couple of hours!  Amazing I was so happy as I haven’t done an ED visit for well over a year but I braved it alone and it wasn’t that bad.  We were silly and forgot to take Asher’s car seat out of the car and Hamish had to drive all the way into Starship to get it but it was nice to see him and he was there to help when we went up to the ward.

Anyway Aria is still hot and we aren’t sure what is up.  Her line cultures are clear so far.

We have the first stage results of her biopsy back today.  Seems like scarring and damage to her liver from 2.5 years of TPN.  This was to be expected but is sad news all the same.  Her liver is no longer perfect although is still in very good nick considering.  On a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 3 Dr M told me. 1 being perfect 10 being she needs a liver transplant.  Still I think we can be happy it has done so well thanks to the hard work of her team that looks after her.

Please pray we are home soon and Aria is a better.

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  1. jen says:

    pleased you were home for Christmas

    praying youll be home soon and Aria gets better.

  2. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Oh hun I am so sad to hear this. Good to hear that Aria is happy at hospital -a miracle in itself! shame mummy doesn’t feel the same way. And as for the liver – is she trying to compete with Lara now??? Take care will text you soon. Lots of hugs xxxx

  3. Lisa Robertson says:

    Oh pants! I am real sorry to hear that Aria is back in hopsital again. It was so lovely having a chance to ‘eyeball’ Aria in person – she is beautiful! And lovely to run into you again and meet Hamish and cute wee Asher! Whilst i know there is no limits to what we will do for our children, you both have to work harder and more selflessly for your family than most and i know that you will continue to do amazing things for your beautiful children. The hospital visits and Aria being unwell would be harder than i can imagine, i really hope that this is a short stay for Aria. Do shout anytime if there is anything I can do to help.
    Lisa x

  4. Dawn says:

    As always we stand here united in prayer

    Glad you guys got home for christmas and had a great day here’s to a short stay, in Hospital, and how awesome that at this point is not looking like a line infection. And i’m surprised how remarkeable well Aria’s liver has done with all that TPN, so that’s such a testament to the fact God is so totally in Control.

    Anyway will continue to watch these updates keenly as always all our love, support and prayers here from Australia.

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