“Yay Up Poo” - Aria MacDonald

“Yay Up Poo”

More funny sayings from Aria this weekend.  She is saying ‘Yay we are going up to Waipu’.  We hit the road on friday night after hooking her up to TPN.  Funny we drove past the off ramp to the Starship and we had to remind her we were going to Waipu for a holiday not to hospital.  She was disappointed for a second and then was excited again. Aria decided that she was going to stay up for the for the whole trip to Waipu, which she did to our amazement.  It was about a 2 hour car trip and she didn’t sleep a wink.  We would ask her if she was going to sleep and she would say ‘No Aria UP!’  Funny girl

We had a great time with our friends Paul and Jean and Jean’s mum and their dog Peanut.  The house is right by the beach so Hamish and Paul went for a swim and Jean and I stayed with the kids.  We sat on the beach and Asher watched Hamish walk into the surf and as soon as Hamish touched the water he started to cry his little eyes out!!  Asher isn’t much of a crier so we were quite surprised.  He cried the whole time Hamish was in the water (which wasn’t very long because of the tears).  Big fat tears rolled down his cheeks and he looked really upset.  Poor Asher, I guess it must of been scary watching Daddy walk off into the big noisy surf.

We are home now and catching up on sleep and washing.  But it was nice to get away for a bit.

3 Responses to ““Yay Up Poo””

  1. jen says:

    pleased you could go away on your little holiday

    and awww bless Asher

  2. Sharon says:

    Awwwwww that’s so cute *fuzzies*

  3. Grandad David says:

    Aren’t they just the greatest little kids! Asher’s crying is heart tearing!

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