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This stinks

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Since November I think Aria has been waking up at around 5am each morning and coughing and vomiting.  We have worked thru this and tried a bunch of different things but alas it continues.  At the beginning she used to yell and wake us up.  Now she just coughs and we sit her up and she vomits.  It is awful and tiring.  Mostly she will lie back down and stay in her cot until around 6am.

But it mainly means she is awake really early.  This morning it was 4am and it was my turn to get up to her because Hamish was pretty tired as I was away on the weekend.  I couldn’t be bothered going back to bed at 4am so have been up since then.

We went a couple of days last week where there was no pukes and coughing and Aria slept in until 7am!  She would wake up and say YAY No Pukes!  I feel really bad for her cause it must be an awful way to wake up.  And it means one of us has to get up at 5am everyday.  Thankfully Hamish comes from good breeding stock and his family seems to survive on little sleep.  His mum gets up at 5am everyday!  So he does the majority of the getting up because I turn into a fairly yucky person when I am tired.

In good news, Aria’s eyes are looking pretty white the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow is monthly bloods so it would be interesting to know the results of her liver function tests.  I am hopeful they will be good.

5 Responses to “This stinks”

  1. jen says:

    praying for you as always

    hope you get an early night Anita

    poor wee princess

  2. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Good luck for bloods – hope it is good – let me know by text! Hugs (I hate early starts too, and lack of sleep)

  3. Cindy Blackburn says:

    Just wondering if Aria is on lipids 7 days a week. Makenzie used to do the exact some thing–wake up and vomit every single morning (although she has enough of me in her that she would go back to bed–lol)–but when her triglyceride levels got high we ended up cutting back the days she spent on lipids –and amazingly it turned out for whatever reason the only day she would vomit would be the day she got her lipids–dont know what the connection was—but it was not a fluke–it was that way for a long long time before transplant. Just a thought…

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