In and Out and In again - Aria MacDonald

In and Out and In again

Aria is back in hospital today, Anita took her in because she was still pretty listless, she seemed in discomfort and a temperature was playing hide and seek with her.

This time in ED they did a lot of tests, blood, urine, xrays and it was disovered that her tummy is full of fluid and gas. This is what is causing her discomfort. There not sure what is causing the gas, possibly a gut infection, but they have started a broad range of treatment to try and sort things out. One of the things they tried involved Aria going down to theatre to try and encourage the gas out.

The amazing thing about today was how awesome and brave Aria was. She was happy to let the Dr’s and nurses take her observations, to have them look at her tummy and take the samples they required. She said a nice thank you to the radiographer who XRayed her tummy. When she went to surgery she cuddled me nicely as they put her under and when we went to collect her form recovery she was talking to the recovery nurse and waved and called out to her friend Green Dolly (Doll Doll) for cuddles.

Aria never fails to amaze and inspire us. She is a great kid and we love her to bits. Hopefully we will see her get better really soon and we will have Aria in all her glory back with us soon.

2 Responses to “In and Out and In again”

  1. Megan Ready says:

    Shes an amazing girl, she will fight through anything and she has the most inspirational parents in the world. good luck with everything 🙂

  2. Brian and Sandra Ready says:

    We love her very much too as we do all of you 🙂

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