Pouring not raining - Aria MacDonald

Pouring not raining

Argh!  It seems like Asher has come down with something.  He has a temp and is leaving me lots of interesting gifts in his nappy for me.  He is doing ok but not quite himself.  So that means we have to stay home, I can’t and won’t take a sick kid onto a ward with other children with fragile immune systems.

Hamish is at Starship waiting for the surgeons who are running the show this admission.  Normally it is the Gastro team and maybe the ID team.  Aria’s nana is going in so Hamish can come home to take care of Asher so I can go back in to do the night shift.

Aria is better this morning.  Although still not walking around.  She is on 3 different ABX and we are hoping to get them down to 1 so we can go home.  But her calcium is crazy high so that needs to be fixed too.

So with 2 sick kids life is a bit tough.   I hate being home when Aria is in hospital.  It is really lonely, you go from being surrounded by people and 0 privacy to no one around and silence.  Extremes I guess, although Asher is here but he isn’t such a good conversationlist currently although he does play a mean game of Boo!.

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  1. Samantha Sutherland says:

    So sorry that you now have two sick kids. It is so frustrating isn’t it. Feels so weird for me being home without Lara and Hamish too – just so incomplete isn’t it. Call me if you need a chat (or moan!!!) ha ha I am always here for you xxx

  2. jen says:

    praying for you all especially the children

  3. Brenda says:

    Ohh Anita, how stressful for you all, are you sure one wee man hasnt crawled to the neighbours grape vine and self helped?? but then the temp doesnt fit that story.. hope those surprises soon stop, and you get to be all together in starship.
    and of course you cant do all those chores that are sitting waiting… but maybe catch up on sleep between the boos!

  4. Jodee Reid says:

    I know how you feel – I hate the hospital but I hate not being there too.
    The bright side at least Aria is not being exposed to whatever Asher has.
    Hope she feels better soon so your house can be full of noise again. Hope Asher is on the mend too.

  5. Natalie and Cody says:

    god my heart goes out to you all – sending heaps of strength to you – Cody’s heart goes out to Aria he considers himself so lucky compared to the ongoing stuff you and Jodee and the wee kids are dealing with god bless you

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