There’s a hole in my wiggle dear daddy, dear daddy… - Aria MacDonald

There’s a hole in my wiggle dear daddy, dear daddy…

I got this text first thing this morning…

There’s a hole in my wiggle, dear daddy, dear daddy, there’s a hole in my wiggle, dear daddy, a hole.

When things pour sometimes they really come down, because on top of this, Asher who had been a bit better late yesterday and overnight, threw up at the house he gets cared for about an hour after I dropped him off, meaning I got to work for a whole 30 minutes. Thankfully work (Fisher and Paykel Finance) have been mega understanding about all Aria’s adventure.

So now on top of the mystery bowel blockage, we need to think about line replacement. Hopefully we’ll just use the same vein again…. Aria however is still feeling a lot better, so much so she had Anita up to 10:30pm last night wanting to play….. poor mummy. 

On a lighter note, Asher watched his first Warriors game on SkyTV last night and was our good luck charm for a nail biting Warriors victory… After our first try celebration got him a bit upset, the subsequent celebrations were more of the mime variety…. still he seemed to watch what was happening on the screen, now to indoctrinate him in the other important sports teams in his life, the Houston Texans and the Houston Rockets….

Anita Update Yes a hole is Aria’s central line!!! Argh!! I was really hoping to go home today but now she has to go back down to surgery tomorrow, home maybe Wed morning? Aria had to have a leur put in her hand. OUCH! But she was really good and the house doc got it in first time and did a great job. Aria quite liked her too and said Nice Doc when she left.

5 Responses to “There’s a hole in my wiggle dear daddy, dear daddy…”

  1. Natalie says:

    Im so sorry wiggle has a hole, heres hoping youre in and out and home asap!
    Thinking of you often xoxo

  2. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Oh no!!! Here’s hoping it’s all resolved quick and you get home soon.

    Ali xoxo

  3. Grandad David says:

    Hamish! Mate! Nice to see you working on your son’s teams already 😉 I like to see a person with good priorities Hehehe! What a great game in beating the Grand Final winners. Huge hugz for both children. Can’t wait to see them both in a couple of days!

  4. Monique says:

    Thinking of you guys!

  5. Jodee Reid says:

    Bugger (obviously I can’t say on here the word I really used). I guess the hole is too close to the skin to repair the line. Hope they can use the same vein.
    Thinking of you.

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