Well…what to say? - Aria MacDonald

Well…what to say?

Thank everyone for your comments and support. I think we should get Aunty to update the website more often!! Great job and great post.

Aria is heaps better this morning and she seems out of place in the ICU with the rest of the kids who are sadly quite unwell. She didn’t sleep all night and watched videos and read the letter and numbers on the walls that she recognised. She is drinking HEAPS, 6 litres overnight. You know when you eat to much salty food you need an extra glass of water, same deal with Aria currently. Although it wasn’t a bag of salty chips that caused this.

This morning Hamish and I had a meeting with Dr E and Nurse Karyn and the business manager. They found the bag of fluid that caused this event. Many people going thru hospital rubbish (yuck!!) to find the bag of fluid. Turns out too much sodium had been added because of one of the hospital staff misread the label on the sodium vile.

So it was human error and also a stuff up at the lab which didn’t help. For some reason we aren’t angry although still confused I think about how to feel. I joked to Hamish that if we lived in American we would be rich now!!! I think we are just relieved that it isn’t another thing going wrong with Aria or something in her body that caused this ie her kidneys packing in.

Yesterday was awful. Aria stopped being responsive on the ward and her lips and face started to turn red/blue. I am not sure if she stopped breathing or what but they called a code and seems like 20 people rushed into the room. It was like we were in a bad episode of ER or something. It was very upsetting and hard for Hamish and I too see something so serious happen to Aria.

There is more to say but we are just thankful she is on the improve and doing better.

12 Responses to “Well…what to say?”

  1. Karen Parker says:

    From the all the Team Co’s at FPF our love and thoughts are with all of you. Big hugs and kisses to Aria! We hope to hear that Aria is safe and sound at home again soon.

  2. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Wow, I’m actually relieved that it was human error! I know that sounds so weird, but at least it’s not something wrong with *Aria*, if you know what I mean. Here’s hoping she continues on the improve and you can get out of PICU and back up to the ward. Is there anything you need?

  3. Lisa Scott says:

    WOOHOOO great to hear that Aria is much better.

  4. lisa robertson says:

    I am so incredibly relieved to hear Aria is much improved. Human error catches us all out fro time to time, lets hope this is the last time it will affect Aria!
    Sounds like you all had a big fright yesterday, hope the next few days give you all some time to recover and rest.
    Thinking of you guys – hugs for Aria. x

  5. Jodee Reid says:

    Thank God! Man what a worry! Yes human error is a hard one to deal with but sadly the longer you are in this situation the less you can escape it. Thankfully this has turned out okay. Hope you get some sleep tonight and Aria gets her body clock back on track – although she is a good girl practising her letters and numbers.
    PS: if you were in America I am sure that bag would never have been found!

  6. Jen Rath says:

    Many prayers for a fast recovery for Aria! How scary! We are looking forward to meeting you in person when you come to America. We live only a few minutes from Jodee and Matisse.

  7. Gabes says:

    Big Hugs to you all. I can’t imagine how scary that would have been. AM thinking of you all xx

  8. Priscilla says:

    Wow I only just found out what happened, very scary!! So glad that Aria is now back on track again 🙂 will keep you guys in my prayers


  9. Rolf and Helen Jansen says:

    Great news to hear that Aria is making such a strong recovery. Hope that Mummy and Daddy can make a good one too. Hugs to all, R & H

  10. Monique says:

    YAY great news to here Aria is doing heaps better!

  11. Steph vG says:

    Wow, great to hear that Aria is improving. Lots of love to you all. xxx

  12. Grandad David says:

    I’m still stunned and gobsmacked. I’m glad Mummy and Daddy are taking this better than what I am.

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