It’s over - Aria MacDonald

It’s over

There is a sense that it is over.

We are back on the ward with a new wiggle and reasonable sodium levels. They are around the 160 mark but still need to drop to the 140ish mark to go home. Aria is really tired from the GA and wanting to see so hopefully Daddy has a good night. But she is asking for walks so that is a good sign.

It was hard going back to the ward and returning to the scene of the tramatic event that took place on Tuesday. A bit of nerves going back for lots of reasons really. But is it great to be out of PICU, it is a huge relief.

Aria’s tummy is still a bit swollen and tender so we are really hoping that goes down. We are so keen to get home and forget what has happened and move on. There will be an investigation and a report written which will take 6 weeks or so. Keen to read that too and then close the chapter on the whole event!

As always there is more to say but will sign off for tonight.

11 Responses to “It’s over”

  1. Deborah says:

    Yay praise the Lord that the new wiggle could be put in and for no more PICU!!! Praying for wonderful much deserved sleeps for all of you!!! xox Deb

  2. Lisa Scott says:

    Yay, so pleased to hear it looking better and she’s almost heading home again!

  3. Lisa Robertson says:

    So glad to hear you guys are back in the ward again. Hope Aria and Hamish have a peaceful night tonight and those sodium levels continue to drop down to the right level. x

  4. Ali and Bella says:

    We are so pleased things are on the up – I am sending sodium lowering vibes to Aria tonight. All our love. xxx

  5. Sharon says:

    xoxoxox We’re so relieved to hear this good news. xoxoxox

  6. Grandad David says:

    For years I used to say that your Mum was the World’s Best Mum, (and remember the little trophy the three of us gave her when you were about 8), now you are well and truly at the same standard your own Mum got too as the World’s Best Mum. I don’t want to say that you “are a much better Mum than her”, as that would deminish her efforts with you guys over the years, and what a fabulous job she did with both of you, but you are certianly up there as an equal with her. Thanks Anita. I love you, and I am proud of both you and Hamish.

  7. Nicole says:

    So glad Aria is feeling better and her sodium has come down to more manageable levels. Hope you’re all home again soon.

  8. Brenda says:

    wow great news, and so glad the new wiggle caused no extra stress, may it wiggle away for many a day.
    and heres hoping that sodium goes on down with the tide…
    now to think of home for all of you

  9. Dawn says:

    Oh Anita and Hamish
    I’ve just managed to log to to check all the updates, I’m so sorry it’s being a horrible and awful time for all of you, and of course wee aria as well.

    Awesome news she’s out of the PICU and things tend to be heading in the right direction. As always our thoughts and paryer’s from here in Australia.

  10. Natalie and Cody says:

    Thank god – huge sigh of relief have been praying hard for you guys .big hugs

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