Hot potato Hot potato! Mashed Banana Mashed Banana! - Aria MacDonald

Hot potato Hot potato! Mashed Banana Mashed Banana!

The Wiggles visited Starship today. It was pretty cool to see them in person doing their thing. Aria wasn’t too fussed though and just wanted to walk around the hospital after being couped up in PICU for 3 days.

She isn’t quite herself today which is a shame. Really tired and not talking much. You have to work really hard for a smile which you will get if you make Green Dolly do crazy things. Rebecca discovered that trick.

Hamish text me as I was battling traffic. Aria fell asleep holding his hand and he was a happy Daddy. Aria isn’t much of a hand holder, to independant for that! We knew she was sick last week when she was lying on the floor and wanted Asher to hold her hand. Which he did for a bit until wanting to get up and run around.

Sam and Lara are also in today and admitted for a couple of days 🙁
Sam and I sat at Tiny Bites (cafe in Starship that sells very average food) and she was lovely enough to let me unload on her a bit and talk about our experience. Which is so kind considering her own girl was in surgery !! I got a bit teary on her (sorry Sam!) and I realised that the emotions are still bubbling away and need to be dealt with. Best get on to that!

Oh and Aria’s sodium is 154!! YAY!! 145ish and we can go home, pending the surgeons ok for the original reason we went it and that is the tummy issue.

5 Responses to “Hot potato Hot potato! Mashed Banana Mashed Banana!”

  1. Deborah says:

    Woohoo for 154!!! Almost down!!! Glad you had someone to talk to…praying you can be home soon…deb

  2. Rolf and Helen says:

    Great to hear the soduim levels are receeding so well. hope you can get those emotions out and scared away!!!

  3. Brenda says:

    One BIG relief.. thank you for updating.. and just let those tears roll out, they deserve to be released.

  4. Ali and Bella says:

    So pleased to hear things are getting better. Lots of love and hugs.

  5. Gabes says:

    Thinking of you xx

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