24 hours - Aria MacDonald

24 hours

Well a lot or not much can happen in 24 hours.

Not much- Aria is still the same which is not good. I am struck by her sadness, she seems really down and sore. She is barely speaking, her only words are Yup No and Mummy. She is mostly lying down and watching TV. I brought a puzzle in for her hoping she would do it but she wasn’t interested. It is hard to watch.

A lot- Matisse came super close to transplant. My heart sank into my toes when I read the full story. My mind can not wrap itself around the concept of how hard it must be for them and Matisse.

We are hoping for fresh insights tomorrow when handover happens and perhaps an action plan. We feel like progress has stalled becase of the sodium drama. The original reason we took Aria in still remains just as bad as when she was admitted- zero progress is hard.

6 Responses to “24 hours”

  1. Julie St George says:

    Hang in there, Anita. We are all praying for you.

  2. Lisa Robertson says:

    Keeping you all in my thoughts…. Hope that this all starts to come right real soon for Aria – it seems very unfair that your little girl is feeling so low. Sending you all lots of love x

  3. Tina Godbert says:

    Very sorry to hear Aria’s tum is not right . I really feel for you with the time in hospital dragging on, you have been coping so well, I hope they find out what is wrong quickly and that it can be put right without more problems.

    Have been reading Jodee’s report on Matisse today and had spent all day wishing the best for both of you. Super mums the pair of you. And Super Dads too!

    Good night, hopeing for good progress tommorrow.

  4. Susan says:

    Praying Aria gets better quick and back to doing puzzles and other things she enjoys. Sorry we couldn’t visit yessterday. But glad you could have family around.

  5. Christine says:

    Sorry to hear that Aria is still not too good, praying that now the weekend is over the Drs will get onto things and move things along, so that you can get home soon.
    Give her hugs from us.
    Miss you all heaps
    Love Nana and Poppa

  6. Anthea says:

    Thinking of you a lot and praying every day for you all.
    Hoping the new month will come and find you at home or not far away from getting home.

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