Now you can all laugh at me - Aria MacDonald

Now you can all laugh at me

Aria is on her feet!  Phew!  You can all laugh at me for being so paraniod 😀

She is walking with one of us holding her hand and this morning she is walking while pushing her dolly pram.  Not for long and she does get tired but she is trying so that is the main thing.

Both kids have been quite unsettled since hospital and last night Hamish and I got our first full nights sleep.  We feel heaps better for it. 

Today we went back to church.  We had missed a few sundays because of illness.  Our church has a drum kit now so church was pretty rocking this morning.  It was cute seeing Asher dancing to the songs.  We sang that song ‘this is the day that the Lord has made’.  I was reflecting on whether I could honestly say that about the day Aria coded and was taken down to ICU.  Still it is helpful to remember He purposes all things and nothing surprises him.

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  1. Kit says:

    I dont think anyone will ever laugh at you for being worried. Rejoyce with you that your fears were unfounded certainly, but never laugh at you.

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