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Aria doesn’t mind

Aria does not seem at all fussed about the fact she isn’t walking.  In fact she is gone right back to bottom shuffling!  She used to do this a lot back at our old place that was mostly wooden flooring.  Then she started to stand and then went to crawling and then finally walking.  Her good friend Scootie was always a great way to get places fast.  She would sit on Scootie and hoon around.

As you can probably tell I am a bit anxious about it but have decided to move on and realise Aria will do it in her own time.  Yes I still haven’t figured that out yet!!  She did walk all around the table yesterday holding on to the seats.

We are still in recovery mode here.  It is taking awhile.  I was watching TV last night and suddenly there were images in my head of Aria’s coding and the events that followed.  Perhaps I might never forget her eyes rolling back and her lips going red then blue.  Or the sound of people running in the room or the sound of the emergency buzzer on the ward or the look of concern on the consultants face or the feeling of not understanding what had happened.  Perhaps it will always invoke waves of emotion and pain.  Anyway I look forward to reading the report and moving on.  We really want to move on.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Hey Anita, I can only imagine how horrible this was for you to see and witness. Recuistation is one part of my job i wish i wasn’t confronted with as much as we are (it’s the nature of the environment i work in i guess)… Everyone medical, non medical processes and copes in a different way, some take awhile.

    This to me so far is just sounding perfectally normal and ok, and just part of you processing what’s gone on, give it some time but if you find you’re not getting past it then it’s worth chatting to someone, staff on the ward, the doctor etc. Everyone copes, and processes in different ways at different times.

    Enjoy being home, and not to take away what’s happen or the scarieness of the event, but at this moment, you’re home and Aria’s ok, and she’s starting to seem like and be her normal self again, Focus on that. I hope and will pray its a long time between hospital admissions and some news on timing of the transplant won’t be far away. And the Journey takes a different twist with all the in’s and out’s associated with transplant.

    As always will put you guys on the churches prayer chain, and we will stand with you guys in prayer.

    all our love/support and prayers from here in australia

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