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The Zoo and Star

Tomorrow we are off to the Zoo (thanks to a free family pass from the KIDS foundation) and in the afternoon we are going to Starship for an MRI (under GA) for Aria.   Aria is really really excited about the Zoo and excited for Asher. 
When I told her today we were off to ‘Star’ after the Zoo and she said ‘Asher Head Sore’.  And asked her if we were going for Asher and she said Yup!  Asher had an argument with the driveway on Friday and has two scratches on his head and one on his nose.  Funny she understands the concept of hospital and I guess thinks that Asher is the one in need of help not her. 

Today we went to a friend’s 30th brunch.  Hamish was working so my good friend Louise, who was going too, came and helped me with the kids. Thanks Louise!!  Aria did really really well and was such a good girl   She has been really shy since getting out of hospital and it was wonderful to see her opening up and laughing with others.  Her walking came on heaps watching the other kids and she even climbed up a flight of stairs!  She was so happy and sociable and sat on the couch watching Vegie Tales with Louise when we got home.   And all afternoon she was laughing and walking around the house no problems.

3 Responses to “The Zoo and Star”

  1. Lou says:

    It was sooo much fun! She was real cuddly today – was great to hang with you and the kiddies. Can’t wait to do it again soon xo

  2. Rolf and Helen says:

    Hope you have great fun at the zoo! – So happy to hear that Aria is back to her old self again.xx

  3. Grandad David says:


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