The MRI today…. - Aria MacDonald

The MRI today….

…went really well.  Not that we have gotten any results but Aria did well.  She went under a GA while they put her thru the MRI machine.  Asher, Hamish and I went for a walk while they ‘took photos of her tummy’.

Funny, while we were walking thru Auckland Hospital we jumped into the elevator with Asher in the pram.  An old man said that Asher was a handsome boy and asked us if he was sick.  We said no and smiled and got off at the next floor.  Would of been strange to say “no he is fine but our daughter is currently receiving her 10th+ (?? I’ve lost count) GA and is having a MRI at the University because her bowel doesn’t go, her kidneys are small and her liver is currently being dodgy”  Too much detail for a elevator chat?  Perhaps

Anyway, back at the Uni Aria came out of her GA just fine and was a happy chap for the rest of the day.  In fact it was hard to believe she had been thru a procedure just that morning when we went to visit Nana this arvo.  Nana is currently laid up in bed mending from an operation on her leg last week.  Aria got really sad when I told her Nana had a sore leg that I almost regretted telling her on Sunday when we visited.  But she was ok today.  I guess Aria understands more than most what it is like to be sore.

6 Responses to “The MRI today….”

  1. Brian and Sandra Ready says:

    Big cuddles for everyone oxoxox

  2. Jodee Reid says:

    Go Aria! She is such a good girl. Hope the results are good too.

  3. Grandad David says:

    Awwwww! Aria’s reaction to [paternal] Grandma being laid up is just so precious! What a special girl!

  4. Ruth says:

    Wow so glad it went well Anita. What a special girl you have!

  5. Xakhdiezi says:

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  6. Shamwow Videos says:

    I Love this article!! I could not of of written it any better on my own

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