Try telling her she doesn’t eat! - Aria MacDonald

Try telling her she doesn’t eat!

We’ve just finished dinner here at the MacDonald house and Anita is busy chasing the kids around the house like a maniac, not for any particular reason but just because its fun and she’s a good mummy.

During dinner a little hand kept creeping over to my plate to steal my food. A mushroom, some chicken, capsicum and potatos all disappeared from my plate and mysteriously appeared on Aria’s plate. Aria eats all our meals with us and really enjoys her times at the dinner table. She sits there biting little bits off whatever it is we have to eat, and then subtly spits it out onto her plater (ideally) or more often onto the floor, or her seat, or her clothes, or into my hand so I can share the experience. She especially likes to eat Apples, she can turn half an apple into apple chunks with an amazing efficiency.

An episode which happened during our last admission (before the ‘EPISODE’) got me thinking about Aria’s attitude to food. I was going to Tiny Bites, the little cafe place in Starship to get some lunch, I was picking something from the cool cabinet when Aria says “Aria, sandwich please”. I spent a few minutes trying to persuade her that she could share mine, but no Aria wanted her own sandwich. It happens quite often, any time we buy food with her, she sits there picking out what she wants to eat. She loves her food as much as any little person I know.

From time to time people will see Aria with a handful of food and you can see the confusion come over there face…. “I thought she doesn’t eat?” ….we explain while not much if anything goes into her tummy, she really loves to be part of the food experience and do her very messy taste testing.

Hopefully one day in the not too distant future we’ll be able to go past the social aspects of dining with Aria and onto the actual eating experience. In the meantime we’ll keep encouraging Aria’s love affair with food, and keep on considering getting a house pig to clean up the messes Aria and Asher leave for us.

I better go now, Anita has nearly succeeded in teaching Aria to say “Stop, Hammer Time” and I need to stop the madness.

8 Responses to “Try telling her she doesn’t eat!”

  1. Anita MacDonald says:

    Too late! I suceeded, she finally said Stop Hammer Time! What’s wrong with that 😉

  2. Gabes says:

    Nothing wrong with that at all 😉

  3. Kit says:

    When it comes to cleaning the floor etc after messy kids eat, I HIGHLY recomend a beagle! Not only are they totally lovable but no crumb will escape that nose. Ours was so good we rarely had to use the ‘hoover’ comand, she just did it automatically.

  4. Nicole says:

    Too cute! So good that she loves her food so much 🙂

    We need to catch up sometime soon, haven’t seen you guys in ages.

  5. Jodee Reid says:

    Matisse does the same and I get the reaction like ‘ oh she has made a miraculous recovery’ but no she is just copying me. Matisse won’t share food either she has to have her own which I think is fair enough. Can’t wait for the day when we can meet you and Aria for coffee and sandwiches (not at starship might I add). Food exposure is good for our kids so keep it coming.

  6. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    From my “tiny bit” of knowledge….I think that’s a GREAT thing that she wants to eat and even chews it up. I’ve heard of so many that do not even do that. Their little tongues don’t know what to do with food in the mouth. And YES….one day VERY SOON….she will be eating and SWALLOWING!!!!!! Know that y’all are always in my prayers.

  7. Brooke Scott says:

    What a beautiful post! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!

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