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Yay for friends

After such a difficult admission it is really nice to have the support of people that care for our family.

Last dinner Joanne brought us around a yummy dinner which was great because there were really scary things in our fridge!

Hamish’s best friend Paul and his wife came over for coffee last night.   I haven’t posted about this or talked to anyone at Starship about it but Paul’s dad passed away while Aria was admitted.   And then the gathering to celebrate his life was on the Wednesday which was the day after Aria was admitted to ICU and of course she was really sick so we couldn’t leave.   So lots of sadness around that because Gary was an awesome guy and we didn’t get to say good bye like we wanted too.  

We have missed out on a lot because of that week.  Still, Jean took me grocery shopping last night which was heaps of fun, yes fun!!  To be able to be child free and have some time with a friend to chat was really great.  Her and Paul kindly shouted us a weeks worth of groceries and some yummy treats.

Today Katherine is over ironing a huge pile of Hamish’s shirts and entertaining the kids.  Again it is nice to chat and get some jobs done with company.

Aria is better today.  Still not 100% and lacking energy but laughing and happy.  For those interested her tummy is measuring 59cms which is great.  Getting back into home life is going to take some time.  She woke up at 4am and decided it was time to sleep in mum and dad’s bed.  Oh the joys of living in more than one room!!!

We are HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are HOME HOME HOME !!!!!

So so so happy to be here.

Rebecca picked Aria and I up and then we picked up Asher from the Bracefields were Sue and Katherine were looking after him. 

Aria is so happy to be home.  She was standing and leaning against the coffee table and took a few steps toward the couch to sit down.  So happy because she hasn’t walked in over a week.  But the best thing is she has been laughing since we walked in the door.  She is watching Asher walk around and do crazy things and she is laughing and talking to him. Super cute, makes me so thankful Asher is part of our family.

Forgot to say Our beloved Dr E is going to be on the telly tonight. On Channel One the 6pm news. Not in regard to us but something else going on at Starship which I will pretend I know nothing about and didn’t do more snooping after she wouldn’t tell me at rounds yesterday.

Click HERE if you missed it.   Wow, there are some amazing people at Starship, patients and staff.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11