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Hamish’s post

I am loathed to replace Hamish’s funny post from the other day.  Of course now I am trying to figure out why updating Aria’s website is my job because he is clearly better at it than I am !!  Oops he may have shoot himself in the foot with that one ha ha 😀

In case you missed it Sunday on TV1 had a story about Devin McQueen who received a bowel transplant in the US and was TPN free 10 days post transplant!! WOW, we are so excited about that.  Anyway my sister in law tells us Sunday is repeated at 7.10 am on Sunday mornings.  Of course she is a mum and only mums are up at that time in the morning particulary on a Sunday!!  But if you are up, watch it.

Also there is an interesting but crazy bowel transplant story line on Greys Anatomy on TV2 at the moment.  Might be interesting to watch that too, for a laugh rather than education purposes.

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  1. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Hey and don’t forget the liver transplant story on brothers and sisters! Ha ha apparantly you can only get one from a biological parent and right after you are fine for the rest of your life and don’t need any medication – wow, I must try that!

    If only life was a tv program! Devin’s story was fantastic – what a cute kid and great success rate of 90% wooo hoo!

  2. Jodee Reid says:

    You are right Sam – I have seen both programs already and wishing we were a TV family instead of real life then it would be all fine and dandy certainly none of this waiting around and all the post transplant complications.

    Devins story is much more acurate, you could have replaced his family with ours when they were waiting at the hospital for organs except of course he got his. I do encourage people to watch to see what Aria and family will go through.

  3. Jessica says:

    I saw it too and was very pleased for you guys! what a wonderful result for that boy – can’t wait till it is Aria’s amazing success story being shared with us all 🙂

  4. Sarah Milne says:

    Hi. Your site came up on google alert. My son, William, had a small bowel transplant in the UK on Novemner 20th 2008. He is so well now it is fantastic. I hope you get your gift soon. You can see his story at http://www.sarahmilne.blogspot.com.
    I recognise some of the names on your comments for the TPN yahoo group. We have popped in and out from time to time.

  5. Jasa SEO says:

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