She is SO CUTE!!! - Aria MacDonald

She is SO CUTE!!!

Aria is so cute!!  She does the sweetest things sometimes.

Tonight I was putting Asher to bed and Aria decided to read him a book.  She got this numbers book he likes and read it to him.  It has a different numbers and pictures on each page.  She reads ‘One Doggie’ ‘Two Shoes’ etc etc and then at the end she counts or reads (not sure which one) 1- 10!!  So sweet and she holds it so he can see the pictures.

And last night, Asher was having a cry about being in bed.  He got into a bit of a state so I got him up.  Aria was still up and she called out ‘Blue Dolly’ ‘Blue Dolly for Ashie’.  Aria has two dollys Blue and Green.  Green is her fave but Blue she lends to Asher from time to time.  So I went in to her room and she gave Asher Blue Dolly to cuddle.  Tonight I was pretending to cry and being silly and she said Mummy needs Green Dolly.  Aria hugs Green whenever she is scared or sad so I guess she thinks ‘why wouldn’t everyone?’

I told her we were going to Star tomorrow to see Doctor E.   She said ‘Doc E look at Aria’s tummy’  I said yes please that would be good.  She then said ‘No Dr E cold hands’ and started to rub her hands together and blowing on them.   So funny, obviously Aria is quite fussy about the temperature of doctors hands, fair enough I would be too!

3 Responses to “She is SO CUTE!!!”

  1. jen says:

    what a lovely big sister
    bless her

    all the best seeing the doc
    and I hope he warms his hands up 🙂

  2. Grandad David says:

    Stunning! (my favourite word of late as there is just so much positive stuff about).

  3. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    so cute!!!!! Hope the dr. visit goes well….

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