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Home again!

We had a great time away.  It was so worth it.  But we are glad we didn’t go for longer because we were dying to get home to the kids!  I used to remember dreading going home after a holiday because it meant back to chores and work but this time I couldn’t wait to get home.

Aria, of course, carried on finger painting when we walked in the door.  She is so funny like that, a little bit dark that we went away so gave us the cold shoulder for a bit.  Then we got out the presents and she was happy.  Asher was very excited to see us though. 

Nana and Simon did an excellent job and Poppa too!  We are super grateful.  It was hard to leave and at times we were a bit stressed at the thought but it was the right thing to do and we are grateful for the opportunity.

7 Responses to “Home again!”

  1. Jodee Reid says:

    So happy you had a good weekend. You will look back and be grateful you had this time away.

  2. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    Glad all went well. I know you really needed this time away!

  3. simon wall says:

    Glad you had a good time away. Aria was a little stressed on the saturday night with somebody else doing the TPN (either that or she didn’t want to go to bed afterwards) but was fine on the sunday. Your instructions were very good and we didn’t have any issues (though I did check the dvd daily before arriving to double check i was doing the filter right). Always more stressful when doing things for children and especially a friends child but as i said things went well.More than happy to help out again if you want to go away in the future.

  4. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Yes I was wondering if you would get to enjoy your time away or spend it missing and worrying about the kids! It was good for you to get the break to yourselves, even if it reminds you just how much you love and enjoy the daily grind!

  5. Deborah says:

    Aww was praying you would have a good time away, that is great to hear! hehe presents work wonders aye, glad Aria forgave you =b

    praying you have a fantastically blessed week
    Love Deb

  6. Steph says:

    What excellent news! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time away together just the two of you. Also glad to hear that all went well and that you have had a great time of refreshment (even if it was for a short time!).

  7. Lisa Robertson says:

    So glad you guys enjoyed your break and you had such great carers for the kids! We all need a break sometimes. Have a wonderful week 🙂

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