Toilet training success! - Aria MacDonald

Toilet training success!

Aria has been dry all day today.  We are so pleased.  Although maybe I speak to soon because she is currently sleeping with her big girl undies on so I hope I get there in time to avoid a wet bed!  She is communicating when she needs to go and can go when we ask her too just before we went out.  We were out shopping for about an hour and a half and she was dry the whole time.

She of course won’t be dry at night for a very long time.  Her TPN is infused at night, about 2 litres of it and she fills a large adult diaper during the night.  Yes we use a HUGE adult diaper folded by Hamish in clever ways.  They are expensive but worth it because it is the only thing that will avoid a wet bed in the morning.

Aria is sleeping in a big girl bed now too as off this week.  She is very proud of herself and loves her new bed.  She is growing up and being a little girl, no longer a baby!!

We have lots of things to be happy about.  We have only had one infection in the past year too.  Aria last one was at the end of May 08.  Previous to that we had about 5 or 6.  We have been wrapping her Wiggle in alcohol swap and a dressing around that so it is obviously proved effective.

3 Responses to “Toilet training success!”

  1. Josie Wall says:

    What a clever girl Aria! We are very proud of you wearing big girl undies and sleeping in your big girl bed!
    Next time we see you Josie will give you some special stickers 🙂
    love always, Josie, Simon and sweetie Violet xxx
    p.s. congratulations Mummy and Daddy great work 🙂

  2. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    That’s funny about her “Wiggle.” I assume your referring to her central line? If so…we had a similar story. Caed had 3-4 infections, and then my dad came up with an idea. We cut the ends off the fingers of sterile examination gloves…..covered the line tip (wiggle) with it, and then taped it up when it wasn’t being used. Nurses or people in the medical field would always give us a weird look when they saw it. I’m sure thought….”these crazy people!!!” BUT….I’ll have you know that was the end to his line infections!!!! 🙂 We kept thinking we should patent it!!! ha!

  3. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Well done Aria! Your baby is growing up! And in a big bed too! Well done mummy and daddy.

    I’m pretty sure you need a celebration for one year no line infection – that is so impressive and such a great achievement in what has been a very challenging year for you in many ways. Long may it continue.

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