Gallstones and Hives - Aria MacDonald

Gallstones and Hives

There is a long list of ‘stuff’ that Aria is likely to get because of her condition.  Central line infections, liver disease and gallstones are a few that spring to mind.  Turns out this week it was looking like I might have gallstones!  There was something a bit weird about me having something that we have often thought Aria might get.  Anyway $170 later on an ultrasound, there was nothing to be found.  No gallstones thankfully.

More health drama today with Asher, who broke out in a hot rash which was spreading quickly.  I phone the doctor and got an appointment within an hour.  Phew!  Took him down and turns out he has hives, most likely from a reaction to something.  I gave him a new brand of biscuits which I won’t be giving him again.  If I had read the ingredients list before I brought them I wouldn’t of parted with my cash.  Well and truly sucked in because they had a famous foursome on the box which the kids are big fans of.  Read between the lines there.

Anyway back to the gallstones.  I have been having tummy troubles for well over a year now.  Of course it has taken me this long to get to the doctor.  Funny how I rush Asher down to the Doc within an hour of him breaking out in a rash but take forever to get myself there!!  There must be a lesson in that somewhere.

Aria however is fine!  In good health and doing well which is very nice.  She was good at the doctors office and thought it was hugely funny that we were taking Asher to the Doctor just like she sees Dr E at Starship.

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  1. Sarah L says:

    scary with the rash… know that feeling Will broke out in a top to toe rash on our way driving down South over Christmas. I actually thought it was chicken pox after it going around in Auckland before we left (guttered for you that we were there to pass it on… man it feels weird writing that!) but then when we realised it was an allergic reaction it was like gehhhh! glad it wasn’t more serious. But rashes that suddenly appear are a bit eekkk! Hope he is better and un-redded now. Hope your tummy feels better soon too!

  2. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    Sorry you are having trouble. No fun when Mommy isn’t feeling well. Hope you can get some answers soon…..

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