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Aria is much the same today.  The theory on ward rounds today was that she has a virus, most likely the same on the hit Hamish this week.  Hamish was pretty sick this week and knowing Ham like I do he isn’t one suffer from ‘Man Flu’.   But this week he was in bed sleeping and resting most of the week.  So if Aria has the same thing then it is pretty nasty and hopefully this explains the temp.

Aria has two nasal suctions this week to find some boogers to test.  This is really awful and she was quite upset about having this tube suck down her nose to the back of the throat.  Yuck.  There was talk of doing it to Hamish but he escaped that when they decided to do a nasal swab.  Ok, I was wondering how they were going to managed this, to stick a cotton bud up her nose without her yelling.  But do you know how Hamish managed to sell it to her?  But telling her that it was ‘just like nose picking except Mummy can’t tell you off cause you can tell her Dr E said you have too’  Apparently she was an angel and told them which nostril to do first.   Kinda funny and kinda gross.

Anyway please pray that Aria’s temp breaks soon and we can get home.  And for Hamish too cause he still isn’t well but still has to keep going.

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  1. Dawn says:

    absoultley will do…. As always will pray for Aria and for all of you and your family. From here in Oz, i hope you feel, strenght love and know that you have people behind you standing united with you guys in prayer.

  2. Samantha Sutherland says:

    You are both such troopers! I’m pretty sure both of you would suffer a lot before complaining as you are both aware enough of what true suffering is so I sympathise with Hamish feeling so poorly. A good rest is probably what you all need but … even with normal kids you probably wouldn’t get this until they are around 25 years old (just a guess???!) Ha ha ha. Seriously though get well soon Ham and Aria

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