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Home under quarantine

We are all home together but under quarentine for the next couple of days 🙁

Hamish and I are still going to our sodium meeting tomorrow but wearing masks and lots of handwashing.  According to the gastro consultant, Dr Simon, Swine flu is in the community now and it has move from trying to contain it to just managing people who get it.

Unfortunately Asher now has a temperature so we are guessing he has to it now plus he still has the runs from last week, poor little dude.  Aria is on the improve and thankfully she got thru the worst of it pretty well.

Thank you for your support.  We really can’t figure out how Aria got Swine Flu of all things but hey! nothing surprises us on this journey.

5 Responses to “Home under quarantine”

  1. Nicole says:

    So glad to hear you’re home and Aria is doing well 🙂 Hugs for Asher though

  2. Tiffany says:

    I’m glad to hear that most of you are improving, but poor little Asher! I hope he feels better soon too! You can get swine flu anywhere. If someone sneezes or coughs who had it, or if they had been around someone else who had it, then the air is contaminated & spreads from person to person. If it’s in your community, then the virus is in the air. So, she probably just got it from breathing the air. I hope she continues to get better!

    Update about Marcie Sower: She is in serious, but stable condition right now, after having surgery on her liver.

  3. Steph says:

    Thinking of you all, especially poor little Asher. xx

  4. Corina says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital again. I can’t believe it is swine flu! Feel for you guys. Can I do anything practical for you? Praying that today’s meeting would go well…

  5. Lisa Robertson says:

    Great to hear you are all home – hope Asher begins to improve real soon and Aria continues to recover well – its hard when little ones are not well. It is a blessing in many ways for you to have swine flu over and done with, I am just waiting for mine to bring it home from school or childcare….am sure its just a matter of time!
    Hope your meeting re sodium goes well today, am sure it wont be an easy meeting buthope it brings some answers and closure for you all. x

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