How is everyone? - Aria MacDonald

How is everyone?

Aria- still under the weather and spiking temps.  However the temps are in the 37s so that is ok.  She is still pretty flat and not up to much.  However she is making progress each day.  Today she took a few steps and is sitting up and playing puzzle with Daddy and Ashie.

Asher- has had the runs for 2 weeks now.  The piles of washing and gross nappies are starting to do our heads in.  Thankfully he is fine in himself and eating and drinking great.  The Doc reckons it will just take some time to pass thru 🙁

Hamish- finally well enough to return to work.  I am really surprised about how much this Swine Flu knocked him.  Although he wasn’t comfirmed as having it I guess it is fairly safe to assume he had it.

Me- very thankfully that I only had a mild cold and a mild dose of Asher’s runs yesterday, although it didn’t feel mild at the time it only lasted 24 hours which is better than 2 weeks!!!

Really looking forward to everyone being healthy again

3 Responses to “How is everyone?”

  1. Samantha Sutherland says:

    thinking of you chick!

  2. Lisa says:

    I hear you! We’ve had colds, bronchitis, tonscillitis and simus infection… Bit all seem to be right now… It’s a hard slog with kids over winter. Hope your two continue to improve steadily. Hanging out for summer and less winter ails!

  3. Tiffany says:

    From what I hear, since our bodies have never been through the swine flu before, we haven’t developed antibodies to it, so this flu is harder to fight off. There’s been a few cases of swine flu in Michigan, but nothing too bad. The doctors in America say to be warned though, because it could hit hard here during our coming winter. I’m glad to here that all of you are feeling better, but sorry to hear that Aria & Asher are still having some problems! I hope they are much better very soon!

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