Oh dear - Aria MacDonald

Oh dear

The last week has been pretty difficult and it looks like this week will be the same.

Aria had her first day back at Preschool today.  I stayed with her for the morning.  She was overwhelmed and sensitive and it was all a bit stressful.  Little things set her off and it was difficult to keep her on task and settled.  We met her Education Support Worker (ESW) today who was an answer to prayer because her name was mentioned to me months ago by Preschools head teacher as being a good ESW.  She interacted well with Aria and didn’t seemed to phased by Aria’s drama.

Aria’s iron is really low at the moment (HB 62 for those in the know).  I wonder if this explains the behaviour.  After I had Aria I was 71 and nearly passed out in the hospital toilet and had to have a blood transfusion.  But I remember feeling completely rubbish. 

One of the hardest things about parenting Aria is having understand and manage her behaviour in light of her health.  We have never wanted to let her condition be an excuse for bad behaviour.  But then there must be a sliding scale as to when you are simply being to harsh in expecting her to behave as she would if she was in perfect health.  And how do you know the difference?  Someone needs to write a book on parenting chronically ill and hospitalised children.

Asher’s poo situation seems to have calmed but not fully sorted.  And today he has a runny nose, cough and temperature.  I am currently hating winter and we are about to have two winters in a row!

So feeling a bit discouraged today and feeling pretty bad for Aria.  Although when Hamish asked her about Preschool today when he got home she was pretty happy about telling him how fun it was.  Guess that is a good sign!

3 Responses to “Oh dear”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Your family needs a vacation, to get away & have fun, & relax! You have been through so much!

    P.S. Update on Marcie Sower: She needs a liver transplant very soon! I don’t know if they actually have one lined up for her or not.

  2. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    I ditto your comment about dealing with behavioral issues in chronically ill kids!! It was such a battle for us this past year. We knew he had been through so much (physically and emotionally) and yet where did we draw the line?? Please know we’re praying for you!! It’s ok. Try not to compare her to the other kids in her class, and also don’t worry about what others are thinking! (easier said than done) I’m the WORST when it comes to that!

    Love you guys!!

  3. Deborah says:

    Hey hun, sorry you weren’t able to make it on Sunday, and that I havent got round to pick up that stuff yet. There’s no rush. You all in our prayers, especially that aria’s hb will go up quickly, and that winter can soon be over!!


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