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Admissions are a bit like a roller coaster ride, you have ups and downs, hope and disappointment.

This morning we have disappointment, when I went to bed last night Aria’s temperature was down to normal and things were looking promising for her to be able to come home on Antibiotics (or AntiRobotics as we call them). However I awoke this morning to the news from Anita that Aria’s temperature had been up over 40 last night.

So Aria is off this morning for more Xrays to see what could be causing her to have these temperatures and to have a bit of a cough.

On the bright side, I’m feeling a bit better and Asher has behaved like a champ for me which has been great, even if he’s stealing my toast like he is now.

Please pray that we will find out what is wrong with Aria and that her temperature comes down and stays down. Also continue to pray for Anita, she is holding up like a champion in there!!

Sick, sick and sick……

That’s right three quarters of our household is unwell tonight.

Unfortunately Aria is one of the sick ones. She and Anita (the healthy one) are in Starship emergency as we speak. Aria and I had matching temperatures earlier in the day, meaning Aria and mummy get to have sleep overs at star. Thankfully one of the Dr’s that used to work in the gastro team is now working in emergency, meaning we have someone who knows Aria well to smooth the progress through emergency. Besides the fever, she also has been having a lot of fluids coming out of her ‘nunu’ or tummy tube. We’re not sure what the problem is exactly but we know something needs fixing.

Anita informs me that she is in great spirits, she has commandeered her King Size Crunchie bar and is refusing to share. Hopefully they get into a room before the early hours of the morning, they’re quite busy there at the moment so please pray they get a space.

Meanwhile, Asher who has a funny tummy and I, who has a cold/flu get to look after each other at home. Thankfully I had already planned to have tomorrow off work, so we can hunker down and look after each other.

Please pray that we’d all experience a quick recovery and that Anita will stay well.

And please continue to pray for Samuel and his family!

At the Throne

Our little friend Samuel is struggling today and his condition is critical.  We can’t even imagine how much pain his mum and dad are going thru today as they pray for Sam’s life.

Please find a moment or moments in your day to please ask God for His will to be done and may that it may be for Sam to stay with us.

Spontaneous Spelling

Aria does amazing things sometimes that leave Anita and I dumb struck.

Tonight after Aria and I got home from our respective days we were playing in the lounge together with Asher. We had been playing soccer together and had all sat down to have a break. We’d been singing some nursery rhymes and wiggles songs together and Anita had just come in to join us.

We’d just finished singing humpty dumpty and I asked Aria if there was any more nursery rhymes that she wanted to sing. Her answer was a simple one and quite surprising. Aria said “A R I A”.

Anita and I had smiles burst onto our faces and stared at each other and Aria in disbelief. After we had congratulated Aria and clapped her amazing spelling, she happily spent the next five minutes repeating her name and even let us film her saying it.

She really is a clever girl and never fails to amaze us with what she comes up with.

One day of preschool and she is already spelling her name, just imagine what she will do with a month!

Oh- and THIS is the colour Aria wants to paint her room.  She choose it at Bunnings on Wednesday and keeps asking when we can start painting her room.


Aria is pretty yellow at the moment 🙁

On Wednesday she looked particulary yellow and with monthly bloods still a week away I was starting to get uncomfortable.  There is always this balancing act as to when you mention concerns to the Starship and when you don’t.  I don’t want to bother them to much but I also couldn’t let it go because I am not willing to make the call on what is ok and not ok.

So I emailed to ask if we could do monthly bloods early and sure enough her Bili had jumped from 57 last month to 93 🙁

This is disappointing, it really should be 4.  Of course this makes me anxious as to if her liver is really starting to pack in and just makes me wish we were in Omaha.  Still there are 4 other liver function tests we do and they are stable from last month so that is good news.

Not a day goes past these days where we don’t dream of Omaha.  I think about it all the time.  Crazy I know.  Yesterday there a story about a Omaha mall shooting (turned the TV off cause it was 4 mins walk from the Childrens Hospital!) and something else on a comedy about Omaha Steaks.   So even when we don’t think of it it turns up anyway!

Please pray for Aria’s liver, we will appreciate that and please pray we might get to Omaha soon.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11