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When you get handed a lemon

You make lemonade right?

We’ve been handed a few lemons from people lately, mostly by mistake.  It is hard not to want to throw is back and recoil with ‘do you really think I need more of these!?  I am the parent of a sick kid for goodness sake’

But that isn’t really the gracious thing to do.  Plus I know I have given out to others more than my fair share of lemons.  But it is hard not to want to protect fragile hearts.

We are senstive at the moment.  Packing up the house is proving difficult.  I mean, how do you pack a house you don’t even know if and when you are leaving?  We have a bunch of things listed on Trade Me and are getting rid of lots of stuff we don’t need.  But it is hard and we feel like it is fruitless work sometimes.

Finally got the Friday Funding email which was full of vagueness and disappointing.  Dec 1st is really only viable for another week, maybe 2 but then it is probably cutting it too finely to get there in time.  Stink.

We might still be here for Christmas or we might not.  But we will be right were God intends us to be, we are praying it might be Omaha.

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Baby & Child Fair, Sunday 1st November, 10-12 at Maraetai Hall, Rewa Rd, Maraetai.


4 Responses to “When you get handed a lemon”

  1. Lisa Robertson says:

    Stink about the Friday Funding email 🙁 I am thinking of your family at this time and praying for good news to come through super fast. Keep on keeping on, you are still moving forward for a wonderful purpose.
    ps. give the lemons back when you want I say!!! x

  2. Tony says:

    Yes we can understand your frustration in part but not the whole. Praying for you, God’s perfect timing will be done.
    In Christ

  3. Tiffany says:

    I’m sorry the email didn’t have some good news for you! I pray that God will do a miracle here!

  4. Gladys says:

    If our father would not have been a strict disciplinarian, our house would have been Lord of the Flies .

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