Happy Christmas! - Aria MacDonald

Happy Christmas!


Happy Christmas Australia and New Zealand!! Perhaps you will all be to busy opening presents and chowing down tons of beautiful kiwi kai to check in on us! I hope so!!

It is 9am on Christmas Eve here. So if you wanted to check in on your boxing day and wish us a Merry Christmas on our christmas day that would be awesome!

Today is about celebrating a God who loves to give His people good gifts. The best gift? The gift of His Son whose birth we celebrate today! Praise Him! May God also be pleased to give Aria the gift of a long earthly life this Christmas.

We are hoping Christmas Eve bring another day like yesterday for Aria, she was such fun as Hamish mentioned below. A glimpse of the past and the future with our precious girl.

It was not to be. Aria has been bleeding quite a bit this morning and she has had another blood transfusion. Her last one was only two days ago. Again, there are positives, she is top of the list again for another week and another week in PICU.
It is really difficult. Because there is blood in her stomach it clots and her g tube doesn’t drain. So the junk in her tummy builds and then she vomits it up. But when she vomits she coughs and this sets off the nose bleeds. It is awful for her and horrible to watch.
The team got an offer of organs last night for Aria. But they turned them down because their function wasn’t good. They told us at rounds this morning so we weren’t involved in the process. But it is a good sign that we have got a call, it means Aria are on the radar. We want good organs for Aria not just any organs. But of course we were reminded that a family has lost a child at a very difficult time of year. So our prayers are with them for peace and comfort.

In other news- it is snowing and it looks amazing!!

Tomorrow is Christmas day for us, we hope Aria is up to opening presents and having a fun day.

19 Responses to “Happy Christmas!”

  1. David & Jill Marshall says:

    And a happy Christmas to you, too. We check in several times a day, so we know what to pray for. How wonderful to see and hear you all!

  2. Samantha Sutherland says:

    You all look fabulous in the video – especially Aria, man she has that special sparkle. you are all doing a fantastic job! Will check in tomorrow in case you have time to update with special news or any news at all!

  3. Kiwi Carole says:

    Happy Christmas, so lovely to ‘meet’ you all & especially to see Aria & Asher.
    When I first saw the article in the online version of the newspaper in my daily NZ stuff.co, I sent an email but I don’t think you could have received it.
    I would like to send a copy of the book I wrote and illustrated to Aria & Asher. This colourful book is about my magical black cat Miss Bronte, and she has a friend named Aria. This book tells how Bronte was adopted from the animal shelter and came to live with us. She is very playful and is clever. The pages are filled with the antics of her friends the ladybugs, mice and geckos.
    If you would like a signed copy of my book as a special Christmas gift, please give me an address to send it to.
    I’m a homesick Kiwi now living in Bradenton Florida and beginning a new career in Art and writing. You can meet Miss American Bronte on my website. She is named after Aussie Bronte my best friends cat. You are such a brave & beautiful family & I’m praying for you all every day. It was great to hear the Kiwi accent again. I have 5 grandkids in NZ. May God bless you & give you courage & strength.
    Carole Stevens Bibisi.

  4. Christine MacDonald says:

    Loved the video clip and seeing Aria and Ashie throwing kisses.

  5. Brad and Stephanie says:

    Happy Christmas MacDonald family! We are praying for you daily. You’re on our hearts and minds… praying for a Christmas miracle for that beautiful little girl. Glad to see that her spirits were higher today!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww! I miss you guys so much. It was so nice to see you. Will Skype you tomorrow. Lots of love.

  7. Tiffany Keller says:

    That was so cute to see Aria & Asher blowing kisses, and waving! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! God Bless!

  8. Monique Wagener says:

    Merry Christmas to you all 🙂
    I hope tomorrow does bring a miracle for Aria 🙂
    Love from the Wagener

  9. Mary Rose says:


  10. jen says:

    Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

  11. Michelle & Dan & Toby & Noah says:

    Hey guys,
    We wish you a very happy Christmas. Hope it will be a time where God is even more real to you. We are thinking of you especially today as you are away from family and friends. Cool that you have snow – a white Christmas! You are in our prayers as we earnestly ask God each day for organs for Aria.
    Love you all heaps.

  12. Lauren says:

    Merry Christmas MacDonald Family! We hope Aria has a good day tomorrow – that you all do, and that you are able to enjoy your white Christmas. As always, keeping you in our thoughts.

  13. Ali says:

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Christmas. Thinking of you always.
    Lots of love and hugs

  14. Lisa Robertson says:

    awww just checked out your christmas message – so gorgeous!!! So sorry to hear that Aria is not feeling so great at the moment – I guess right about now you will be going into Christmas day, hope that Aria has improved a little since you wrote and she is able to enjoy Christmas day with you all.
    Merry Christmas MacDonald Family, am thinking of you all away from your family and friends at Christmas, lots of love coming your way from way back here in NZ xxx Lis

  15. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Merry Christmas!! We were talking about you guys today, hoping for the best. Take care and look after each other.

    Ali xoxo

  16. Katherine says:

    merry christmas! thinking of and praying for you. May you know the joy of God’s grace in the past sending Jesus and now each day sustaining and supporting.

  17. jes.S. says:

    Hope you have a really good christmas..hope Aria will continue to feel better and that you will still have a good day. lots of love to you all.xx.

  18. susan says:

    Merry Christmas. Hope your white winter Christmas is a blessed one!

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    I used to be able to find good advice from your content.

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