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A better day

Today is a much better day for Aria.

Now we have met all four transplant surgeons. They rotate Mon-Friday and Sat/Sun. They can get a call any time of the day or night to do a transplant so they need to be fresh I suppose. Hamish met Mr Mercer this morning and they had a nice chat. Hamish asked about where Aria is at and how Dr M thinks she is going. The doctor explained that Aria is actually doing ok and while it is awful to see her bleeding things are alright. Obviously she is a sick little girl and she is in need of a transplant but she has time on her side. Plus everyone is surprised she hasn’t got organs yet but there are lots of factors in play for the perfect organs.

We had a nice day, Aria was a good girl. It was Hamish’s day on but I looked after Aria while he and Asher went to Wal-mart for groceries. We had a nice time and she gave me cuddles and kisses which was really nice. She is such a sweetie. She helped with the washing too. She got a Dora nightie for Christmas from the Arms and she asked to wear it and told Hamish she washed it 🙂

Anyway- thanks for all the comments and support. Sometimes it is nice to put it all out there on the website and update you all. This blog it about our struggles and strength but most importantly the courage of one little girl. We are not always looking for advice rather ‘we are feeling for you and thinking of you’. I hope that makes sense.

11 Responses to “A better day”

  1. Tiffany Keller says:

    That’s good to hear that Aria was doing better today! What you said about not always needing advice, it makes sense. 🙂

  2. Kathleen and Anita says:

    So glad to “hear” from you tonight. Now we can go to sleep content that all is welland that Aria had a better day. Nice you could talk to the surgeons. We wonder which transplant is first on the agenda.Please give Aria a big hug from us and one for Ashie too.

  3. Carol says:

    I must tell you how wonderful it was to see Aria awake yesterday and see what a sweet child she is! You both are such loving gentle parents! So very happy that you had a better day. As always, our prayers continue for you all!

  4. Lisa Robertson says:

    and we are definately thinking of you! x

  5. jen says:

    IM pleased today was good. I am relieved to hear that she has time on her side. Praying as always. I do pray God provides very soon xxx

  6. Shirley says:

    Following your blog from bed this time….yay for laptops and wireless. Praying for strength and peace continuing…and new friends and support in Omaha to step in when you need to step out…much love.

  7. Samantha Seccombe says:

    Hello from Japan.

    We have just spent Christmas with the Japan team in Aomori, which is also snowy and very cold. Amongst other activities we prayed for you all as you get used to the place and new staff, and that God would provide the support you need day to day. We send you our love.

    Martin and Sam Seccombe XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. joyce says:

    Keeping up with your day to day experiences and just praying for the transplant to come soon. Also for your day to go well for all of you.

  9. Fran says:

    So lovely meeting you all the other day. So looking forward to seeing you again very soon. Glad things are looking brighter. Thomas and Daniel cant wait to meet you all. If you need me for anything just give me a bell.
    luv and hugs
    Fran xxx
    P.S Hamish,Im sorting out that Westham hat as we speak lol..

  10. Bloss says:

    Anita, we are definitely feeling for you and thinking of you xx I really do hope those organs come today. I’m not the praying kind but I’m hoping and thinking. 🙂

  11. Francis says:

    Thanks Hamish for the response about blood in the TPN line, it’s never happened before which threw us a bit but maybe it’s just because he’s getting bigger and more active now. It did happen in the last 1 hour during the down ramp so is probably as you explained, more pressure from his blood flow then from the pump. But I would have thought Biomed would have been more aware of this possibility. Kate advised us to just hook off 30 mins early, how do you increase the pressure on the pump to push through the blood?

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