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Tube out day…. yes and no

Well we gave having the breathing tube out a shot and it didn’t really go that well so, tube out day has become tube in day all over again,

We took Aria off her ventilator at about 11.30am this morning and replaced it with a nasal canula (a little tube that sits under your nose with a couple of prongs like you see on TV). She coped ok on this for a while but after testing the levels of gas in her blood suggested she needed some more help. This led to a full breathing mask over her nose and mouth to help push air in. This too didn’t do the trick either. Throughout this she was working really hard, sitting up, trying to suck those deep breaths in but all to no avail.

The decision was made to help her out and put the tube back in. This was done very quickly and efficiently and Aria is breathing much more comfortably now.

They will test to see if they can see what is causing the struggles to breath, it could be as simple as the fact she has been through A LOT in the last two weeks and is still just exhausted and needs to build some strength up again.

We are obviously disappointed to not have Aria off her breathing tube, and it feels like a set back. We are still happy that everything else seems to be working as it should and are looking forward to perhaps having another go at getting it out in a couple of days.

Again if you would like the password we will be using on the rare occasion for posts NOT relating to Aria’s health please use the contact form.  If you are Facebook friends with Anita, it is posted currently in her status update so please see there first.

Thank you for all the beautiful messages on the password requests, we really do treasure them.  Totally a bright ray of sunshine thru the clouds.

8 Responses to “Tube out day…. yes and no”

  1. Jen Cato says:

    Awww.. I know how much you all wanted that tube out, but it’s a blessing to know that at least she is breathing and healing to say the least. There are other children out there, that haven’t been as lucky and haven’t made it as far as Aria has. Keep your spirits up, Anita and Hamish… it won’t be long now. 🙂

  2. fiona says:

    it always makes me laugh when i see bits of the medical programmes like ER etc- how quickly people move on from major procedures- it is SO unrealistic!! it really is one little step at a time. you are doing great – bless you all heaps

  3. Viv says:

    I agree with Fiona – if only medical “dramas” could all be sorted out in the space of an hour – not counting the ad breaks! You’re doing so well – just keep hanging in there – love to Aria.

  4. Melvyn & Sally says:

    We were so pleased to see Aria back on line again – although we have never met, your family (via the blog) have become part of our lives as we pray with so many others for God’s healing hand upon Aria and grace to deal with the situations that arise (link through Shirley, Francis and Sam). With our love and prayers

  5. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Oh I’m glad they tried with the tube out, but it is obviously better for missy with the tube in right now. Lara had pneumonia post transplant and struggled with her breathing so much that we were practically begging them to take her down to PICU for a few days running. The assessment teams were up a couple of times a day to check on her breathing and my heart was in my mouth for days until it cleared up a bit. Much better for Aria to be intubated than for you to go through the stress of watching her struggle to breathe – believe me!

  6. jen says:

    praying she gets stronger enough to get off the tube soon

  7. Noelle says:

    It’s gonna be OK. My son was on the vent for a long time. I know how frustrating it is. Every day they would say “Maybe tomorrow” but then they’d do a chest x-ray and his lungs would be full of fluid. It’ll happen. It’s just that she was so compromised and so full of fluid before she went in – it will take more time. My son was the same way – end-stage liver failure, kidney failure, so full of fluid that he couldn’t make a fist with his hands and his lungs filled up. It takes a long time for the lungs to clear. And it takes a tremendous amount of energy to heal the way she’s healing. She’s exhausted. She’ll get there.

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