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Aria Update

Today was going to be a big day and Aria was to start on intestinal feeds, 5mls an hour.

She went down for a CT scan to see if there is any pockets of infection or fluid that might be causing her temps spiking to the 38s.  Her white cell count is normal so it doesn’t appear like her body is fighting off anything.  Also it was decided to put some contrast into her bowel to see if all was ok and everything was heading down.

Unfortunately they found that most of the contrast leaking out of a hole at the bottom of her stomach were the bowel connects.  So she is back to the OR tonight at 6pm (1pm NZT) so they can stitch up the hole.

Best case- they stitch up the hole and Aria starts feeds in a week.

Worst case- the bowel doesn’t hold the stitches (as it is appearing they aren’t because of the repeat holes) and they leave the hole and put in a bunch of drains and leave it for 3 -4 months. There may be a hope to put a tube to by pass the hole later on and feed her.

So please pray for best case!  Drains in her abdomen are actually pieces of plastic pipe coming out of her side and they have a oval shaped container at the end to catch the fluid.   I don’t know for sure but I can’t see how we would be able to come home with those in place.

Anyway super tough day for us.  Aria is more awake and the pleading look in her eyes is painful to watch.


There was a 3/4 hole in the third connection in her new bowel.  Hard to explain but there is a connection to the liver and a connection to Aria’s original stomach and where those to meet and join and go down to the rest of her bowel had come apart.  So Dr Mercer sewed it back up and he said it held the stitches very well (PHEW!) and he put a drain right next to it so if it does come apart and leak again we will be able to see it.

So another set back, feeds are off the agenda for another 10 days to 2 weeks to give this time to heal.  But at least it looks like it had been fixed.  Aria’s kidneys have kicked into gear and now they are her ‘rock star’ kidneys we have seen a big drop in her fluid.  Fluid also lives in organs so as the fluid dropped maybe the bowel torn away a bit.  Dr M described it better with pictures and hand gestures which I can’t use but I hope you understand.

14 Responses to “Aria Update”

  1. Dawn says:

    she might be able to go home with them still in, i know we’ve sent people home with redivac type drains and things in, so depends on what they’re policies are… I’m off to church this evening i’ll once again add her to the 24 hour prayer chain.. so you will again have someone here in Australia praying 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your daughter!!

    sending you guys a huge hug from Aussie land
    our love and prayers always

  2. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Oh you poor things, thinking of you and hoping for best case and that it is all ok and not long winded. Will be thinking of Miss A in surgery today. xxx

  3. Christine MacDonald says:

    Praying for Best case and that Aria gets to have her feeds soon and tube out. Praying for you guys too for peace, strength and God’s enabling.

  4. Serena James says:

    Thinking of you often and hoping for the best case.Sending love and healing vibes your way.

  5. Jaclyn Smith says:

    So thankful to hear that Aria is doing so well and that the surgery was successful! What a clever girl you have!

  6. Belinda- LF (Liver family) says:

    Big prayers for it all to hold this time.

  7. Natalie and Cody says:

    such a long process for you guys and the brave Aria precious girl – am praying for you for smooth sailing .. I hope all goes well and all holds in place xoxo

  8. Lisa says:

    So pleased to read your update about todays surgery!! And wonderful news that Aria’s kidneys are doing a great job and moving all the fluid, You are just amazing Aria!! xx

  9. Lisa Raymond says:

    Hi just wondering if you could give me the original password as I need this is view the two other updates – thanks

  10. Brendan Duffy says:

    Hi guys,
    I really hope and feel that things are turning around now for your brave wee girl (and yourselves). My wife and I watch this blog everyday and feel for your pain and Aria’s. She’s a lucky wee girl to have such strong parents and you guys are super-priveleged to have been given such an incredible little girl!!

  11. Judy Palmer says:

    Great news in update that surgeon was able to stitch up that hole. I am praying for quick healing of this latest surgery and that the nasty breathing tube will come out forever. Aria must be the most patient little girl EVER!!!!

  12. joyce says:

    Another thanks to God for the surgery going well and repairs were made. Also for the kidneys working good. Praying for all of you to get some much needed rest.

  13. Jo says:

    God be with you all and Aria’s strength to recover. Just want to add that you both are just amazing parents, and thank you for the updates as i follow Aria’s story. I have seen you at providence church when you guys visit but didn’t know what to say to you. Keep your spirits up and know you are protected and guided. Looking forward to the next post.

  14. Lauren says:

    Just reading your update – sounds promising. Praying that now the fluid is on it’s way out, the stitches won’t have anything hindering their healing. Yeah-ha that Aria’s new kidneys are all systems go now. There have been lots of hurdles but it looks like the signs are there that one by one, Aria is jumping them!

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