Aria had a great day! - Aria MacDonald

Aria had a great day!

We are greatly encouraged!

Aria had a great day today.  I asked the nurse if I could bring the pram and if Aria could sit in it.  Previously when she sits up in bed it takes at least two people to support her so I always have to ask for help.   Fluid in her body is pressing against about 1/4 of her lung capacity on both sides so they are super keen for her to be sitting.  The more that fluid drains the quicker she will get off the vent.

So it took about four people because she had all her lines hooked about to her pumps (about six) and the vent connected to a different machine.  So one did the pump one did the vent, one lifted her and the other spotted and I helped with the pram!

But she sat for a good two hours.  When we first sat her in she looked really pleased to be out of bed and in her pushchair.  Remember before transplant she spent more time in there than in her bed.  She coloured with crayons and felts, we read books and she pointed to the pictures.  I showed her some pictures on Facebook her Aunty Megan had just uploaded.  The corner of her mouth turn up and she scrunched up her eyes when she saw her cousins and Nana.  Was it a smile?  Very hard to tell but definitely was happiness of some sort.

They came back after two hours to put her back in bed and she wasn’t keen but they didn’t want to push her.  We all thought she would be really tired but she stayed up to about 3.30pm watching Wiggles on the computer.  She clapped and moved her hands and feet in time to the music.   She was sitting right up in bed with the computer on the meal tray in front of her.

At about 4pm she feel asleep with her arms around the blood sugar machine she insisted she wanted to hold.  Funny girl.

Asher is spending the night with Angie and Randy and their lovely kids.  So Hamish and I took the opportunity to go out for tea.  I was not keen to leave Aria but we were pretty sure after her big day she would sleep for at least two hours.  Hamish convinced me and the nurse said ‘go go-  I will call if she wakes’   So we went to Texas Roadhouse and both had big steak dinners.  It was so so good to eat a decent meal, sitting at a table with the knife and fork.  (in case you are wondering we don’t use Trust money for such luxury things)

So proud of Aria, it is really tough.  She just had surgery yesterday but she is full into life trying to make the best of it.  I am sitting here in her room watching her sleep.  She slept the whole time we were out and looks like she might be done for the evening.

The bad news for the day was that they still think she is pretty weak and looks like it might be weeks rather than days for her still on the vent.  She was so so sick going into transplant and with 9 surgeries her little body is tired.  But it is just time and we have time.

32 Responses to “Aria had a great day!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, Aria continues to amaze me, I’m so pleased for you all that she has had a good day and that you and Hamish got out for a little bit!!

  2. David & Jill Marshall says:

    That must have been so exciting for you all – it makes us smile here!

  3. Natalie and Cody says:

    yay so glad you guys had a nice meal out – Funny Aria and the blood sugar machine cuddle you wonder what goes on in kids funny little heads sometimes – dear girl. Golly can’t believe its the end of Feb already. Must be getting on to end of winter over there (not too clever with geography and seasons etc) Hope the rest of the night goes well for you

  4. Ali and Gareth says:

    Great to hear such positive news. We check on Aria’s progress evey day and you are all in our prayers xxxx

  5. nyle says:

    So pleased aria got to get out of bed and sit for so long. Thats a great thing and that you guys got some YOU time. It is so important to stop and connect together and you must grab every chance you get. Hugs to you guys and am hoping you get more and more good news as each day progresses…

  6. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    You guys are doing so well. So glad that you are taking time for yourselves too, it is so so important. Thinking of you every day.

    Ali xoxo

  7. Judy Palmer says:

    What a lovely post to read. Aria is certainly a brave little girl to sit for so long and putting up with all those tubes and machines. Glad you were able to get out for a proper meal. Thinking of you all and praying for quick healing for Aria.

  8. Angie Arms says:

    Asher’s sleeping soundly 🙂 SO glad y’all had a nice night out! Randy

  9. Gordon & Coralie McLay says:

    God is good in all that is happening and the small steps are encouragement for all too. Pleased you had a meal out and could enjoy that special important for all. GOd bless


  10. Nicole says:

    That’s great news! Go Aria 🙂 And good on you guys managing to have a meal out in the middle of all the chaos, you need to stay strong for the family. Huge hugs and prayers for you all XXXOOO

  11. Carol and Cork says:

    What a joy to read this post and we are so very proud of Aria!! And we are so happy that the two of you got out to Texas Roadhouse!! We are so looking forward to seeing you in the next day or two and just continue to pray for quick but complete healing! Praying for some good rest for you all, too.
    Hugs and love,
    Carol and Cork

  12. fiona says:

    great to hear of Aria’s progress- and I hope you continue to get opportunities for “you” time- very important

  13. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    So glad to hear you had a better day. And Texas Roadhouse….my, my, it just doesn’t get any better than that!! (my FAVORITE!! how’d y’all like the 800 calorie rolls??? haha)

    You are right….Aria has been through SO VERY MUCH….her body will naturally need lots of time to heal. But, WOW! Sitting up, “smiling”, dancing to the Wiggles!…..those are GREAT signs of progress. Thank you God for these glimpses of a happy and healthy Aria….who will someday very SOON be having tea parties (with Asher, of course….what are little brothers for??), putting on shows, dancing, laughing, and experiencing ALL the magical moments little girls dream of!!!!! LOVE YOU!

  14. Jaime says:

    Wahooo!!! Go Aria, you are doing so well lil darling. Pleased that you could get out and have dinner together. Love & hugs xx

  15. Donna Wallis says:

    Awesome news, Well Done Miss Aria you are such a little fighter.
    Glad you had Together time Hamish and Anita,

  16. Brian and Sandra says:

    What a beautiful summation of the day. So happy to read it 🙂

  17. Lauren says:

    Like others, I smiled through that 🙂 Glad you guys got out to have some time together too! Must be nice to have wee snippets of time to connect with one another and be Mr & Mrs MacDonald for a moment.

  18. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Great news! Aria is amazing and she really is doing so well. I know it’s hard for you to watch her heal slowly but I’m glad they are taking it at Aria’s pace rather than rushing her to achieve things she really will not be able to sustain. It is very difficult and hard for you to move this slowly but it will be very wonderful one day once she has recovered fully – and she still wows us all with her healing ability and her endurance. Great to hear you had a dinner out – what a treat!

  19. Priscilla says:

    Fantastic news! Aria has come such a long way already with the healing process, but definitely understand that it must be hard to watch it happen slowly step by step. She is a trooper though, as are you all 🙂

    I love Texas Roadhouse too! I went with my friend to it in Nashville 🙂

  20. Belinda - LF says:

    What a little trooper Aria is, she is just awesome! 🙂 So glad you guys got to go out for dinner, you both deserve it.

  21. Dawn says:

    Awesome.. this all sounds really really encouraging, and hopefuly can lead to more of aria sitting out and clear her lungs

  22. jen says:

    Ive been away for the weekend
    just before I ended to bed though I wanted to see how Princess Aria is

    Im praying for you all
    Im praying the God hold you in His strong capable hands
    Im praying about the private stuff please bring wisdom Lord God

    so good that Aria was able to spend some time in her pram
    it made me smile to think of her enjoying the Wiggles

    Its really good for you both to take some time out
    I wouldnt feel bad about using the trust $$ for it
    getting away helps you to stay strong in all that is going on


  23. Carolyn O'Cain says:

    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!! What a wonderful day for Aria and for each of you! Sending my love and prayers.
    In His love,
    Carolyn O’Cain

  24. Maurine says:

    So happy for your and Aria! She is such an amazing little girl!
    Last night I was in bed, trying to sleep, and my tummy was making funny rumbling noises and it reminded me about all the things we take for granted. I thought about Aria, and was wishing for her new “tummy” to make these little noises very soon. Kia kaha.

  25. thomas says:

    well thats good 🙂

  26. Alex says:

    What a sweet deal answer to prayer!! Thank you Lord!!!

  27. Viv says:

    Can just imagine Aria sitting in her pushchair – so many of us here remember her being pushed around Starship in it – Green Dolly on board. Happy to hear that she’s progressing well.

  28. Ali says:

    What an awesome wee girl.
    xxxxx 🙂

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