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What a day

Been going over in my head as to whether I was going to blog about this.

This week has been pretty busy.  The grandparents left and there was lots more emotion associated to that than I thought there would be.  We have been having problems with Aria’s heartrate and O2 stat machine not reading correctly.  Lots of frustrating phone calls later we are hoping for a solution tomorrow.  Aria has been spike little temps too around 37.4-37.8.  38 is the magic number, if she hits that we have to call the hospital 🙁 She has periods of great behaviour and periods were she seems unhappy and demanding.  It’s a challenge.

Today I made a decision for me, to attend a meeting to do something that needs to be done.  I left Hamish with the kids this morning and walked to the car.  I had left it unlocked last night.  Do you remember me saying Hamish and I have been doing stupid things with keys and carseats.  Last night was my turn.  Needless to say my heart sank when I saw our stereo face plate gone and it sank further when I opened the glove box and saw my very handy GPS gone 🙁  I am from South Auckland, I should know better.  Despite it’s reputation, this is only the 2nd time I have been a victim of crime.  Manurewa 1 Omaha 1

I decided not to go to my meeting and went upstairs for a cry, along the lines of ‘we are parents of a sick kid- who would steal from us’ and ‘how could I be so stupid’  Of course it wasn’t personal and whoever these people are they are we gonna love them like Jesus does. Threw away the tissues and went to play with the kiddies.  Aria had perked up and along with Asher we had some nice laughs.

There was still time to make the next meeting so I left again.  Where was I going?  No not AA.  WW actually.  There is nothing like putting it all out there too 500+ people to help you commit to something!

I was SO NERVOUS.  I shouldn’t of been.  One of the many things I love about Americans is that they are so expressive, warm and friendly.  Made for a very interesting meeting, lots of talking and tips and I sat there totally interested.  Later the leader had a little private session with me and the other newbie.  I spent 2 hours there!  Walked out feeling so positive.  The other newbie there asked me were I was from.  Turns out her brother lives in Whangerei.  The leader (who has Crohns) ask my why I was in the US.  She so was kind and hugged me and insisted I take two big WW guides and a points calculator as a gift from WW!!!  So very generous.

So yes, this is a personal blog not much about Aria but about our journey.  God so often shines His light in the darkness thru the actions of others.  Like the donut lady across the road who gives us boxes of donuts and the cashier at the hospital gave Aria her pink and purple nail polishes she hadn’t used that much.  Yeah there are some people who pinch your stuff and hurt your feelings but there are others who are super awesome.

AND Aria didn’t have a temp today and was lovely and happy all day.  Sweet girl.

God is good.

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