The week that was… - Aria MacDonald

The week that was…

Last week was a very busy week.  Attitude TV was here finishing up the Aria Trilogy or Aria Movies as they are called in our house.  After 4 days of filming I guess you can say it is a wrap!  We are honored to have Attitude tell our story and they have been true and kind to us.

We have some other media stuff coming out soon, magazine and TV both in NZ and the US!  Lots of people interested in Aria’s amazing story.  Will let you know all about it soon.

There has been several moving experiences with staff members from UNMC recently.  I forget that it wasn’t just us watching and seeing Aria’s dreadful state day after day.   People who worked with Aria are so happy and excited she is doing so great there are even tears that flow.  We are again honoured she has touched others so much.

Aria’s eating and moving are coming along great.  Rice is the new fun food.  She kinda puts it in her mouth and takes a drink of water and swallows it like a pill.  Pretty funny but at least it goes down!  Today she went from sitting to crawling all by herself.  And stood and turned herself around to sit down on the washing basket with assistance from Hamish.

The other big news is Aria’s Make a Wish has been granted and we are off to Disneyworld in Florida from the 8th to the 14th of November.  Very exciting.  It is like 6 different theme parks and we can go to Seaworld too.  Can’t believe it- what an amazing experience for this little kiwi family.

September is going to be a great month.  Two different sets of visitors 😉 are coming to see us.  Hamish is heading to Texas for the big Cowboys/Texans game!  The Nov is Make a Wish trip/Thanksgiving/10th Wedding Anni.  And Dec is Christmas.  Appear Oct is going to be a boring month- good we might need it!  The MacDonald are living life- Praise God!

25 Responses to “The week that was…”

  1. Kiri says:

    Yay for Make A Wish Foundation!

  2. Brad and Steph says:

    Hope Hamish got to watch the Texans tonight!

  3. fiona says:

    It is just lovely to hear all the times you are enjoying and looking forward to together

  4. Tiffany Keller says:

    I am so happy for your family! It is so great to see Aria being a happy & healthy girl! Looks like Fall (well Fall in the USA) will be a great time for you! God Bless!

  5. Priscilla says:

    Yay so exciting all the things you have coming up over the next few months esp the trip to Disneyworld! You guys will love Disney/Florida, its a great place 🙂

  6. Judy Palmer says:

    Great news in your blog today. You are certainly going to be busy. Aria must be so pleased with herself, being able to move around and eating food like everyone else. May God continue to bless you all,

  7. Bracefield family says:

    Praise the Lord for such blessings.
    We gave thanks for God’s goodness to you all at Redeemer this morning.
    Blessings in Christ

  8. Samantha Sutherland says:

    What fantastic things are happening for you – You must still pinch yourselves to see Aria eating and now getting mobile again! You MAW trip sounds amazing – I have read a few trip reports from other families so I hope you do a day by day account as I know how very special and wonderful your trip will be! So happy to hear you are enjoying life as a family and have so much to look forward to as well!

  9. Viv says:

    Ah! What a delightful post – thanks Anita – had a good giggle at Aria swallowing rice like it’s a pill!

  10. Lori Hollingsworth says:

    SO excited for this coming fall and ALL you will get to experience!! Keep on Aria….you are doing GREAT!

  11. Chris says:

    Since watching the first doco on TVNZ I have been following your story with interest and telling all to anyone who will listen to me. Your story of Aria’s battle is inspirational, I don’t have the same faith as you but can’t help but wonder if I should!!

  12. Raylene says:

    So pleased to hear all the news is good. Disneyland – Oh wow Im sure you will all have a great time.

  13. iliganoa says:

    Amazing grace how sweet the sound of living normally and all the world to hear the amazing grace of our Lord and God. Praise the Lord o my soul!!!!!!!for the gift of living and wellness for Aria and for us all thru Jesus Christ our Saviour amen, amen, amen…. Praise Papa for all His love and care of you all, Halleluia!!!!!!!

  14. Belinda (LF-Aus) says:

    Isn’t God great! 😀
    Praying for the happy times to go on and on and on! 😀 xxx

  15. ROBERTS FAMILY says:

    I first saw your story on ATTITUDE…..such an amazing programme that deserves better recognition and I wish it screened at a time where more people would/could watch it. Aria’s story is incredible and without your love and support she would never have survived her journey….people can learn so much from you and your family and I thank ATTITUDE for bringing us your story, I have been following your blog and have looked forward to reading your updates on Aria especially ones like today where progress is so evident…you deserve that Disneyworld trip a time for you ALL to have some fun family time together!!

  16. joyce says:

    Another post showing God’s love for his children. It just gets better each day with all the good news. Cherish each day and may we all remember to give God all the glory for answered prayers along with all the family and medical support. This post made my day.

  17. Doc and Sharon says:

    You certainly deserve every bit of happiness, and ‘normalness’ that you are recieving. It is a gift from God! Praise the Lord!!

  18. Nola Young says:

    deep tears of joy and gratitude – He has brought you this far by His grace. May you just continue to go from strength to strength. Much love

  19. Leticia says:

    How amazing is our God!!! You are truly on those mountaintops He promises us. You are all such an inspiration as you have held on through the valley of the shadow of death and now celebrate on the mountaintops of joy! Hoping every day is amazing and full of love!

  20. Shannon McIvor says:

    After seeing your original Attitude “Movie” on YouTube I found your website today and have spent a majority of my day reading your entire blog – from birth to present day .. and oh my have you been on a ride!! I am so, so happy to hear that Aria is doing well and look forward to hearing of her continued recovery and upcoming Disney trip (she will absolutely love it!). It’s funny that you have acknowledged how much she dislikes PT … I’m a pediatric PT in Arkansas and it’s so funny that there are many other kids who react the same exact way that she does when we try to convince them to do something that they don’t really want to do! Maybe telling your PT how much she loves the Wiggles and taking a cd of Wiggles music will help .. always worth a shot! Is she still using the gait trainer (walker) to help her get around?! My heart just swells to know how well she is doing despite all that she has been through. Thank-you for sharing your story and being an inspiration and God Speed!

  21. Stuart Meehan says:

    Praise the lord , it is so marvellous to read this message , and to know that you all are starting on a new exciting phase of your lives. And yes the NZ health systemcan be quiet wonderful – sometimes Kind regards Stuart Meehan

  22. Mark and Jo says:

    It’s so awesome to hear of Aria’s progress and that you guys are living a more ‘normal’ busy life right now. Go Aria for crawling! When Tony asks for prayer requests on Sundays there’s usually a child asking to pray for Aria. Everyone’s excited to hear of your journey 🙂 Lots of love xx

  23. Shirley Davy says:

    So glad you are doing normal family things and have such lovely plans…. very cool…. enjoy and savour every moment. X

  24. Drower Family says:

    So glad to hear that Aria is doing well and can’t wait to hear about your time at Disneyworld, you are such an amazing family and I can’t wait to see the next part of the trilogy on TV!!

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