The day after the bombshell - Aria MacDonald

The day after the bombshell

Aria’s line came out late last night.  Her and Hamish had a pretty good night, it is the calm before the storm.  Her temp is normal as of straight after she came out of surgery, that line obviously needed to go.  So the clock starts ticking – we need 48 hours of no temps and then perhaps a new line.

I got a text from Hamish last night- ‘Cuteness update So we are watching TV (him and Aria) Aria indicates she wants to lie down.  She then asks for the light to be turned off.  Then a hat. Then the blankets.  Then for me to lie down.  It was super cute.’

Yes Hamish uses full spelling and punctuation in his texts.  All these commands from our girl who doesn’t talk yet, quite funny.  She is such a darling.

Rua- hello!  Thank you for your comment.  We think about you all and Lily so much.

3 Responses to “The day after the bombshell”

  1. Sarah, Nathan & Will says:

    Thinking of you all in such a hard time. We will be praying for you and yours
    lots of Love
    Sarah, Nathan and Will I Am

  2. Dawn says:

    AS always our all our throughts, love and prayers from over here in OZ!!
    will continue to support you guys and thanks for even amongst this time for you guys for updating us, and giving us the privledge of a glimpse into ur lives….

  3. SonOfAdam says:

    Merryheart said: not sure if the family has looked into these organizations but might be an option:

    Forward from

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