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A mini break and some other stuff

We went away for the weekend and just got back.  And what a weekend!

We stayed at Rebecca’s parents house in Westmere.  It was beautiful and we were so grateful to be able to enjoy it.

Our weekend didn’t start as planned.  On Friday night Hamish was half an hour late home.  Turns out he was in a nose to tail on the motorway (three trucks and him).  Our car is munched front and back and I am pretty sure it will be written off!!!  We were pretty upset with the idea of having to buy a new car and poor Hamish was sore and a bit shaken up.

Still Saturday morning came along and we were determind to put it behind us and enjoy the weekend.  Ha!  Not!  Aria’s bile started to turn a very nasty colour and she vomited in the car on the way from dropping our things off at the house.  Gutted.  This always means something it brewing and Hamish and I (mostly me) started fretting that our weekend was ruined.

Some talking and hard praying got our minds back on track.  If Aria was to get sick then we need to enjoy whatever time we had until the temp turned up.  But low and behold there was no temp and by about Saturday lunchtime her bile was back to it’s normal colour and consistency!!  We were totally amazed and spent the rest of the weeknd enjoying ourselves.

Today marks an important day in the life and times of the MacDonald family.  I often read the blogs of other families who post about how wonderful their childs doctor is.  Most of you would of read mentions of Dr E from time to time.  She really deserves a whole post dedicated to her but I know she reads this so I don’t want to embarass her.  BUT it was two years ago today since we met her and we are ever so thankful for her hardwork and dedication to Aria.  She is awesome and we are so thankful she is Aria’s doctor. 

3 Responses to “A mini break and some other stuff”

  1. jen says:

    last year we were very close to a pile up like that
    thank goodness Hamish is ok thats the important thing
    hope hes not too sore still

    pleased Aria didnt get a temp and that you were able to enjoy your weekend

    bless Dr E heaps and heaps and heaps

  2. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Wow thank God Hamish is okay. It’s scary stuff even if no one’s hurt!! So glad you got to enjoy some time away as a family.

    In my thoughts always,


  3. Jodee & Matisse says:

    Okay what is it with you two and cars???
    And Dr H if you read the comments too – we also are grateful to you and because I am slack at remembering anniversay’s I will add we are grateful to Dr. JC.
    Anyway, Anita so happy you had a weekend away – I know how rare it is.
    Love to you all.

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