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Sunshine through the rain

Or if I was still back in ‘only-use-your-hose-once-a-week’ Brisbane it would be Rain through the Sunshine. 

We got relief in the past 12 hours which I am so amazed by.  Both Hamish and I were really struggling yesterday.  Hamish was supposed to preach yesterday and was pretty upset about having to pull out pretty much at the last minute.  And I was very tired and we were both so sad to see Aria sick again.

God sent some people to help us.  Our Pastor visited Hamish last night and I had a bit of a ‘waah’ to Rebecca and a chat to Alexandra.  So grateful to have people to help us with our angst.  And I had a brillant night sleep, Asher slept right thru which I was surprised about but so grateful. 

We also got some answers.  Both of us were concerned that the mystery illness which caused Aria’s two week stay was back.  But not the case!  She has a line infection, staph, not sure which staph yet but at least this should mean a short stay (should, but who really knows).  But she is cooler this morning 37.4 so that is a good sign.

So yes, things are looking up.  I am sitting here so amazed how things can turn around and we needs are met.  So awesome

UPDATE:  Wow the consultant is making noises about us maybe maybe maybe going home tomorrow once we know which Staph it is and are sure Aria is on the right ABX.  WOW that would be cool

3 Responses to “Sunshine through the rain”

  1. jen says:

    Praise God
    and bless your pastor, Rebecca and Alexandra

    and wtg to Asher what a good boy

    praying youll be home real soon


  2. Katherine says:

    So sorry you are back in Hotel Starship but so glad there are some rays of sunshine.

    May your maybe become a reality really really soon

    Praying for you all

  3. Steph van G says:

    Really sorry to hear that Aria is sick again and back in Starship, especially after what you’ve all had to go through in the past week with your Nana’s passing. Glad to hear that you are surrounded by loving and caring people to help ‘share’ your load and lift your spirits. It is awesome that Asher sensed his mum needed a nice uninterrupted sleep and obliged. Well done Asher!!

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