UP and Down!!! - Aria MacDonald

UP and Down!!!

Aria’s liver is on a rollacoaster ride!

Her bloods taken last night were up to 95 so at 6am the nurse came and told me they wanted to do a liver biopsy today, Monday. So Hamish called work to say he wouldn’t be in and he and Asher came in.

Then at 10am they decided the acute list for surgery was too full and Aria would get a biopsy tomorrow.  So we decided to go home on day leave and Hamish went back to work.

But before we left we asked to see Aria’s liver results from this morning, taken at 8.30am.  The results were back (that was quick!) at around 10.30 and her Bili took a big drop to 73 !!!!!!!! 😀


So who knows what is going on.  I am pleased God does.  We will keep praying for another massive drop and the hope to aviod biopsy tomorrow

3 Responses to “UP and Down!!!”

  1. Ali/nerdygirl says:

    Yay!! Praying for a downward trend!!!

  2. Grandad David says:

    Hal-e-lu-ya! Who cares who knows what’s going on [in the medical field] so long as there is One ‘Person’ who does. Actually the use of the word “Person” is appropiate in this season of Christmas! Great news Anita! Just great. A trend of good results hopefully!

  3. tony says:

    Praise the Lord for the drop. Lets pray tomorrow will see a similar one!
    In the Redeemer

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