We are home! - Aria MacDonald

We are home!

We made it home in time for New Years, not that we have any grand plans because we are so tired but it wouldn’t be nice to start the new year in hospital.

Aria still isn’t 100%.  Her liver number are all high and wonky and she looks pretty yellow which is a bummer.  Still not really sure what is up but it is something to do with the TPN.  We are hoping things improve.  She is pretty happy though which is good.

This admission, thankfully was short.  I was in most of the time apart from one night where Hamish was on the night shift.  Asher has been well looked after by Poppa and Nana, Rebecca and Aunty Alex and Aunty Megan and Uncle Bruce today.  We are so thankful we have these people in our lives to support us and we can rest easy knowing that Ashie is with people who love him.  Still I do miss him during the day and find it pretty hard.

Happy New Year!  May 2009 bring you much blessing.

2 Responses to “We are home!”

  1. jen says:

    we dont have any grand plans either. Not as young as I use to be:) But still its nice that your home 🙂

    praying for Aria. Pleased shes happy and I pray that things improve soon.

    bless all the baby siiters

    I pray in 2009 God’s love, peace, hope and joy will be with you

  2. Grandad David says:

    Even with all those wonderful and special people around him, I would expect the blue-eyed Ashy would miss you just as much.

    What great news it is that you are home again but here’s praying for Aria’s condition and situation with her liver.

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