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No Way!

Aria’s two favourite words at the moment.  She is turning into a real jabber jaws, it is quite cute.  But she doesn’t answer with a simple no these days is No Way!  Which being two, most things you ask her to do gets the reply of No Way. 

We had good news today.  Aria’s Bili is 48!  YAY!  This is a liver function test and it is much improved.  Normal is 20, and we are hoping for it to go back to and stay at 4.  But will settle for 48.  And no more tests until our regular monthly blood next month.  I really feel like I am stepping into my friend Sam’s shoes right now, it is a bit weird.  I have told Aria she shouldn’t be stealing Lara’s liver thunder, it’s not on 😉

Hamish is doing Aria’s last dose of ABX tonight, awesome.  Or YAY and Woohoo as Aria would say.  Thankfully they are only every 8 hours so we are getting decent sleep but it would be one less job to do so that is great.

We went to Butterfly Creek today.  Interesting, Aria hated the butterflys and told them to NO! Go Away!  when they landed on her.  But the tranchler spiders she loved!  She blew them kisses and asked Aunty to take lots of pictures of them!! Strange, really strange.

Asher is doing well with his cast.  He is learning to get around one armed.  He isn’t walked yet and get a bit frustrated when he can’t crawl.  Poor boy, hopefully it will be off soon!

3 Responses to “No Way!”

  1. Lisa Robertson says:

    Great to hear Arias bili numbers have dropped down – hope this is a trend that steadily continues for her. Sounds like you guys are all happy and getting out and about and enjoying the wondful weather we have at the moment! Enoy the rest of your week!!

  2. Caroline Saunders says:

    Great to hear Aria’s liver bloods have improved! I assure you the talking only gets worse but it is lovely especially when they start having conversations with other family members/friends & you get to listen in on what they are saying – so cute!

    We too have visited Starship recently but not for Keira – Noah broke his arm slipped at home!! Plus visting again this morning as he needs a GA to have it reset Bummer

    Hope Asher recovers well, take care Caro, Anton, Keira & Noah

  3. Troy Bobsin says:

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