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So we got a call on my cellphone on the way in to say that Aria’s MRI had been cancelled. Not surprising really, there were 5 emergency cases after the long weekend. So hopefully another one will be scheduled before clinic on the 5th of May. Apparently they want to do it at the University or something. I couldn’t hear very well because we were on the motorway and the lady talked the whole time and didn’t give me a chance to ask questions. I figured she did want me to be grumpy with her for cancelling it, not that I was particulary.

The Zoo was good though, although Asher’s highlight were the seagulls and the chickens. Strange boy. Aria liked the chimps and the giraffes.

Yesterday didn’t end well for me, spent about 3 hours saying Hi to the loo in interesting ways. Yuck, of course I feel like I have been hit by a train this morning. Hamish was almost going to stay home but I think I can manage. The kids are being good although both found some food in the nappy bag and want me to open it. Aria was asking for a ‘sandwich please mummy’ just before. Anyway I think my sickness last night is stress related. I have felt constantly uptight and haven’t had much rest for awhile, even after the long weekend. Need to Chillax I think!

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