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Bright hope for tomorrow

Yesterday Asher went to daycare and Aria and I were home.  It was a pretty difficult day, she wasn’t well and was quite demanding.  Not sick enough for me to think she should be in hospital but just not right either.  By the end of the day I was pretty upset and overwhelmed and just feeling bad for Aria and that her life is so difficult.

God brought two pieces of info to my attention.  My cousins from Columbia emailed me, as they do, to encourage me.  Their message: Trust Him.  Hamish got home and reminded me of the line from an old hymn “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”

We are just so desperate to Aria to be well again.  Until she is it is difficult for her and difficult for us.  But God gives us the ability to cope with each day and hope that tomorrow might be different.  But if it isn’t there is still the promise of strength. 

Today, actually, Aria is a bit brighter.  She requested a sandwich and is currently telling us how yummy it is as it sits fully intact on her plate.  She has managed to sit up for a bit and play and is doing plenty of talking. 

The past days and weeks have been tough.  I found myself becoming angry and resentful of our situation and asking lots of big questions.  But that’s not trusting God.  I was challenged afresh to Trust Him really really commited Aria’s life to him and really believe He is doing the right thing.  And admitting I am just human and He is God.

Hamish is preaching tomorrow and we are presenting a power point on the next leg of our journey with Aria at Covenant Presbyterian tomorrow.  We are looking forward to it and hope we might encourage the people there who have been so supportive of Aria and our family.

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  1. Nola Young says:

    A verse I read this morning – Ps 119:132 -“Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your way with those who love your name.” It is God’s way to be gracious (and kind, compassionate, loving and good etc) which gives us great confidence to go to Him with all our needs, knowing that He does not afflict us willingly but somehow he does have all this horrible mess in control and working out for good. Allow Him to hold you tight! “When Satan tempts me to despair..upward I look and see him there who made an end for all my sin..” (and all my sickness and disease etc etc). Praying and much love Nola

  2. Tiffany says:

    It’s okay to vent & ask God why. He already knows what you’re thinking, so you might as well tell Him. He may not give you answers right away, but He always replies back! It’s not always easy to believe, but when you keep believing during the hard times & come out of the storms of life, your relationship with God is stronger. Remember God loves us all! He is our Father in heaven! “How deep the Father’s love for us, all vast beyond measure.”

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