Sunday Sharing - Aria MacDonald

Sunday Sharing

We went to Covenant Presbyterian Church this morning.  We decided to take Aria with us cause she was keen to come.  We were also hoping moving her around more would get that gas out of her tummy.  Currently she is just lying down all the time.

Turns out she couldn’t really manage sitting for more than about ten minutes.  So Nana took her for a walk outside the church and eventually home just after Hamish and I finished our presentation.  Nana comes to the rescue again.  We are planning to clone her and take a Christine 2.0 to Omaha with us.

Hamish and I shared with Covenant our plans for Omaha and Aria’s future.  We were a bit flustered because Asher was also running around like a maniac as he does cause that is what boys do.  We said everything we wanted to say.  There were lots of tears although I didn’t notice anyone else’s but mine.  On our last slide it was my job to say THANKS, but I couldn’t manage so overwhelmed was I.  There were over 150 people pretty much all of them have supported us in some way.

After people greeted us with misty eyes and hugs and ‘we are praying for you’.  We were really grateful and I decided tears are often an effective way of communicating cause sometimes there are no words.

We also shared a little bit about Samuel.  We didn’t check the blog before we left but he is having a hard time, as is his mum and dad.  He is in PICU at the moment.  We know how that is and it is rough.  Please pray for him.

Strangely enough we feel Aria is actually pretty well but she keeps saying ‘sore tummy’.  In herself she is laughing and talking.  But can’t sit or walk much.  Not really sure what to do.  The only obvious way to move the gas is to give her a wash out under GA which seems extreme but her life currently is fairly rubbish.  We are hoping it clears naturally and soon.

4 Responses to “Sunday Sharing”

  1. Christine says:

    Would be useful sometimes for there to be two of me, would love to send one of me to Omaha with you

  2. Nicole says:

    So glad you got to share your journey at Covenant. Was really upset I couldn’t make it 🙁

  3. Helma says:

    Thanks Hamish and Anita for sharing the next step for Aria in church. It was hard to keep the tears away. Just know we pray regularly for you. Hamish, the Word you gave was excellent, we felt challenged by… “too much analysing and not enough action (feeling paralysed)”…
    Blessings on all four of you! The Sonnevelds

  4. Priscilla says:

    I was tearing up big time! Thanks for sharing and updating us all and thanks to Hamish for his awesome sermon! 🙂

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