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Hamish’s week off

…just flew by.  Can’t believe it is Friday night and were did the time go?  It was really nice and we even made it thru without a visit to Starship!  We got lots done and currently our house looks like a wallpaper monster has thrown up, or at least that’s what Hamish’s FB status reckons!  We are stripping wallpaper in Aria’s room and the hallway and stairs.  It is lots of fun, well kinda, it’s getting a bit boring now. 

Aria is sleeping in the Wiggle Room which she thinks is pretty cool.  Poppa asked her what colour she is going to paint her room and he waited for the answer ‘purple’.  Strangely enough she replied Orange.  She said Orange yesterday when I asked her too.  Everything else is purple except her room, funny girl.

Thank you for all your messages and comments re: my last post.  We appreciate the encouragement and support, honestly it is great.  Our faith is being tested but God is bring us thru.  Stripping wallpaper has helped too!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Yes, doing something physical, like stripping & ripping wallpaper, will help relieve stress! Orange & purple for Aria’s room huh, lol. I feel like I know her through your newsletters. She sounds like a very funny, & a very sweet girl! 🙂 I pray things continue to go well. On another note, Swine Flu is supposed to hit the USA hard this coming Winter (technically it’s still Summer, but it feels like October; cold Fall weather). I’m hoping they are wrong! I hope Aria continues to get better from she had the Swine Flu! God Bless!

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